High Striker Casino Game

Despite the name of this game, it has no association with soccer. Instead, the game works a bit like a slingshot as your golden bolt climbs ever higher across the axes of a standard graph. The High Striker casino game is part of a class of titles commonly regarded as progressive crash games.

The function is pretty simple. As the gold bolt rises, the multiplier of your bet keeps rising with it. But ultimately, there will be a crash point, which is where the game ends and the multiplier stops rising. Your goal is to cash out before this point, getting as close to the crash as possible.

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High Striker Casino Game RTP and Variance

The RTP of this one is very high at 98%. However, the medium variance rating does make it slightly less predictable than other crash games. Speaking of which, make sure you investigate our casino guides for other exciting titles in this category.

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High Striker Game Bonus Features

Evoplay Entertainment isn’t the only provider to have produced a title that follows the crash gaming format. And just like the other casino games produced by countless other developers, this one doesn’t have any bonus features. So, unfortunately, there are no exciting extras that influence the High Striker game online. What you see is what you get, but that simplicity is what many players are looking for.

Symbols and Gameplay

Due to the nature of the game, there are no symbols. In fact, there is very little going on in terms of characters or key objects. The sole dynamic here is the gold bolt that shoots across the blackness, and there are zero sound effects. 

How to Play the High Striker Casino Game

You’ll immediately notice that the High Striker Casino Game operates on a graph, with standard X and Y axes. And in a unique fashion, the game doesn’t commence when you place a bet. Instead, there are continuous rounds, and you’ll need to get your wager placed before the next round begins to participate.

This is controlled by the “Bet” button next to the main interface. However, if this puts too much time pressure on things, you can always choose a fixed bet and set the game to “Auto”. This guarantees that your wager will be placed for the next round.

Not only that, but the High Striker game gives you a chance to set an “Auto Cash Out” value. Again, this relieves the manual responsibility.

More gameplay information can be viewed via the “?” icon.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

If you wish to engage in a round or two, you have to wager at least $1. This is the fixed minimum, yet the fixed maximum is much higher at $100. Note that this wager value is then multiplied by whatever the progressive multiplier reaches. And if you cash out before the crash, your stake will be boosted accordingly. 

These multipliers go from 1x through to 1000x. 


As you’ve seen during this breakdown of the High Striker casino game, it’s arguably the simplest crash game in the industry. And while things are a bit basic on the surface, the potential rewards are huge. 

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High Striker Casino Game FAQs

What Value Can I Set The “Auto Cash Out” To?

You can set this to any value you wish.

Can I View The Crash History In The Game?

Yes, this can be found directly beneath the interactive screen.

Does The Multiplier Progress At The Same Speed?

No, it actually progresses far quicker the deeper into the round you go. If you’re not using an auto cashout, you have to be quick.

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