King Octopus Casino Game

Introducing yet another immense shooting game from the creative talents at KA Gaming. Just when you thought that shooting games couldn’t get any more varied, this provider has gone and whipped up the King Octopus casino game. 

Like other shooting games showcased in our casino guides, here you must take down various ocean dwellers. As you load up and shoot them, you can score sensational returns and even enjoy a Bonus Round or two as you go. So, is your aim good enough for the biggest payouts?

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How to Play the King Octopus Casino Game

The first thing you need to decide after pulling the King Octopus Casino Game up is which of the three game modes you want to play. Each game mode has different betting ranges available, and the modes are labeled: “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold”. After you’ve selected one, the shooting can commence.

Draw your gaze to the cannon at the bottom of the screen and you’ll see a specified bet size. This can be increased or decreased as you see fit, and the value is what you pay per gunshot. Therefore, you’ve got to think carefully about your preferred risk vs desired rewards.

Once you’ve landed on the right value, you can start shooting at the huge range of fish that swim by in front of you.

Hit the “?” icon for additional gameplay information.

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King Octopus Casino Game RTP and Variance

For shooting casino games, it’s less common for RTP and variance values to be supplied. On that note, the King Octopus game online does not have a set value for either of these variables.

Symbols and Gameplay

Shooting games are some of the liveliest of all casino games. You’ll see why from the moment you first start firing at the barrage of fish. Yet thanks to the added features and sensational visuals of the King Octopus game, the gameplay here is of the highest quality.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

If you go for the lowest-value game mode, each shot can cost you just $0.01. If you dive into the “Gold” version of this game, the maximum bet extends to $10.

Big Eye Fish2
Small Blue Fish2
Small Red Fish3
Blue Flat Fish5
Striped Fish6
Yellow Fish7
Peacock Fish8
Green & Yellow Fish9
Large Turtle10
Fish with Light12
Kissing Fish15
Pouting Fish18
Yellow Fish with Horns20
Purple Ray30
Fish with Mane45
Large Golden Fish50
Big Blue Whale138
Golden Octopus168

King Octopus Game Bonus Features

KA Gaming has assigned 4 Bonus features to this game. Starting with the Jellyfish Sprites and Gunpowder Barrel features, explode these symbols and a set number of fish will be killed in sync. Then you’ve got the Freeze Treasure Box and the Drill Weapon features. 

Respectively, these will freeze the fish and produce up to a 50x random payout, while also providing you with a free drill shot. This final feature is far more powerful than the regular shots taken with the cannon.


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King Octopus Casino Game FAQs

Am I Playing By Myself In This Game?

Not always, you can be joined by an extra player at times.

What Symbols Should I Target If I Manage To Freeze Them?

You should try and take down the high-value symbols in this instance.

What Mobile Devices Can I Play This Game On?

The game will work fine on tablets and smartphones.

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