Limbo XY by BGaming

The sheer simplicity of Limbo XY, developed by BGaming, has helped it surge in popularity at a ridiculous pace. This is one of the hottest games in the crash gaming category, and it’s easy to see why. In short, you control the possible returns and have a say in the frequency of payouts.

This enables you to control your destiny, find the right balance between risk and reward, and have a great time as you engage in Limbo XY. Furthermore, with 10,000x payouts on the horizon, who wouldn’t want to take a crack at this title?

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How to Play Limbo XY

Although Limbo XY online is straightforward once you learn how to play, its functionality isn’t apparent at first glance. Your first job is to pick your bet size, like all online casino games with real money. From here, you must access the “Bet Settings,” which allows you to select your target multiplier from 1.05x to 10,000x.

Here’s where it gets interesting. When you hit “Play,” a multiplier appears on the screen. If it’s above your target multiplier, you win. If it’s below, you lose.

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Limbo XY RTP and Variance

In our Limbo XY review, it’s evident that as you control the target multiplier, the variance in the game adapts to your choices. Opting for a cautious approach results in a low variance while taking bigger risks catapults the variance into the high range. Regarding the RTP, this game impresses with a rate of 97%.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Scroll through the entire betting scale and you’ll hit a wall at $0.20 at the bottom and $25 at the top. These bet sizes equate to the target multiplier to determine the winnings. 

The corresponding payout comes through as long as the next multiplier in the sequence surpasses your chosen target. The maximum payout in Limbo XY is fixed at 10,000x your stake size, while the lowest is 1.05x. Of course, anything between these figures will produce a payout if the proceeding multiplier is above the target.

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Limbo XY Bonus Features

Since you can set the variance and payouts in this game, you can stay in control, but it’s not quite the same as unlocking a glut of bonuses and buying features, as you can in some other games. You won’t find Free Games, Bonus Games, or anything of the sort in Limbo XY.

The “Auto” mode is a notable feature, and it lets you shape the online casino experience to your budget and risk level. Again, it is not a standard bonus, but it offers an enhanced level of gameplay.

Symbols and Gameplay

The gameplay in Limbo XY is slick. Numbers chop and change seamlessly as you take on varying risk levels, and the green/red color changes, which occur during wins/losses, are a nice touch. Lastly, while the soundtrack doesn’t particularly match any kind of theme, it’s stimulating enough to keep energy levels high.


This lightning-fast, adaptive game will surely delight, and with such large multipliers on offer, there’s plenty to aim for.

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Limbo XY FAQs

Can I Adjust The Speed Of Gameplay?

Yes, there is a “Turbo” mode that you can use at will.

How Many Auto-Rounds Can I Set Up In One Go?

You can set up as many as your real money balance allows.

Can I See My Chances Of Winning Before Initiating A Round?

Yes. The percentage chance of winning is displayed as the target multiplier is changed.

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