Long Ball by Evoplay Entertainment

Long Ball by Evoplay Entertainment

The stage is set, and the time is now! Dig out your soccer jersey, stretch out your quads, and blast the ball out of the stadium in the intriguing Long Ball, designed by Evoplay Entertainment. This is a crash game, meaning that progressive multipliers are the main mechanic influencing payouts.

Long Ball is a game where courage and old-fashioned luck get rewarded handsomely. Multipliers extend up to 1000x, but dare you hold on long enough to realize such returns? That’s where courage comes into play.

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How to Play Long Ball

The distinct nature of crash games sets them apart from other casino games, adding to their intrigue. To get started on how to play, place one or two wagers with a designated bet size. Do this before the ball slingshots down the field.

Multipliers rise while the ball continues its journey into the top tiers of the stadium. Remember, to hit “Cashout” to add accumulated winnings to your balance. If you don’t, the winnings will disappear as rapidly as the ball.

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Long Ball RTP and Variance

Our game reviews are full of great cash games, but the RTP in this one is higher than most at 96%. This is great if you love high-value games, but unfortunately, no exact variance rating has been provided.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Bets start at just $0.10 in the Long Ball online. If you max things out, the most you can wager is $100. With that in mind, your bet size combines with the designated multiplier in each round to determine your return. So, what are these multipliers?

Well, once the ball leaves your boot and takes to the air, multipliers start building from 1x. The game’s progressive nature means multipliers continue rising until the ball “crashes.” You can cash out, but if you play the long game, the multiplier could rise as high as 1000x.

If you achieve this, the returns can be quite spectacular. 

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Long Ball Bonus Features

Long Ball boasts several features like many free video poker games. The problem is that none of them add any value in terms of payout potential, which you might find disappointing. Nevertheless, with “auto cashouts,” in-game chat systems, and a top 100 leaderboard to reveal the top performers in the game, these added elements make things more immersive and fun.

Symbols and Gameplay

The Long Ball game has incredible visuals, as you’ll see before kicking the ball for the first time. Before things begin, you stare down the field, surrounded by cheering fans and waving flags. Once you kick the ball, the soundtrack speeds up while the stadium blurs, giving a sense of speed. It’s all cleverly done, and these elements provide a high-quality feel to the game.


The best elements of Long Ball are the sensational top prizes of 1,000x and the general setting of the rounds themselves. Combined, you’ve got a game that is easy to play with rewarding features — it is the perfect introduction to crash games if you’ve yet to try any.

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Long Ball FAQs

Does Each Round Always Produce A Return?

Not always. It is possible for a round to end instantly, resulting in a 0x multiplier.

Do I Get Anything If I Make The Top 100 Leaderboard?

Not in monetary terms, no. But you do get recognition as one of the best performers, which is pretty cool.

Should I Make One Or Two Bets Per Round?

That’s totally your choice. However, by making two bets, you can play conservatively with one while shooting for the stars with the other.

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