Magic Wheel Casino Game

Is there anything that gets the blood pumping quite like a money wheel? You’ve got no control over the outcome, naturally, but this element of the unknown fuels the feeling of anticipation with each spin. And in the case of the Magic Wheel casino game, you’ve got an upgraded money wheel to enjoy.

This game has three levels to it, with gradually increasing multiplier sizes on each progressive level. Should you make it to level three and score the top prize, you can snap up a 35x multiplier. Furthermore, the RTP is set at a high 95.90%.

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How to Play the Magic Wheel Casino Game

To spin this supercharged money Magic Wheel Casino Game, you must complete a couple of very quick tasks. First, you have to find the bet size that you wish to stake per spin. This can be controlled by using the “+/-“ symbols next to the “Your Bet” box. Second, when you’re comfortable with what you’re betting per round, you can play the game by hitting “Spin”.

This can be done with the large button in the bottom right corner, or by tapping the golden circle in the middle of the money wheel.

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Magic Wheel Casino Game RTP and Variance

Given that the RTP is set at 95.90%, the majority of spins here should lead to a multiplier. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all of them will. And regarding the variance rating, there doesn’t appear to be one.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The overall aesthetics of this game are highly engaging, and very stimulating at the same time. As the multicolored wheel invites you in, you will experience positive backing music before the wheel is even spun. And when you spin the wheel, everything goes dark while the wheel rotates at hyperspeed.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

As you begin increasing/decreasing the bet level within the game, you’ll see that the lowest it can go is $0.10. In contrast, if you take things up to the highest betting limit, you’ll see that the maximum wager is $75. To clarify, this is the amount staked with each spin of the wheel, not the price paid as you work through the three levels.

As for what’s in store in terms of possible rewards, these start at 0.5x on level one. But if you make it to the third level and score the top prize, the multiplier is 35x. Naturally, there are many other multiplier values between these two figures.

Magic Wheel Game Bonus Features

One could argue that the presence of three progressive levels is a feature in itself. Not all games of this style operate in this progressive format, including the top titles highlighted in our casino guides. This automatically makes the Magic Wheel game online more appealing than most.

To actually make it through each of these levels, the spin must land on the “Next Wheel” segment. This needs to occur twice in a row to take you to the third level, which is where the highest payouts are found.


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Magic Wheel Casino Game FAQs

Are There Many Zero Segments On The Wheel?

There are two zero segments on the first two levels and three on the third level, making five in total.

What Are The Highest Multipliers Available For Each Level?

For the three progressive levels, the highest multipliers are 1.5x, 5x, and 35x, respectively.

Is The Game Available To Play On Mobile?

Of course. It can be enjoyed on a tablet or smartphone.

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