Mehen Casino Game

Evoplay Entertainment has dabbled in numerous gaming categories in recent times, many of which are discussed in our casino guides. The Mehen casino game is categorized as a “Roll and Move” game.

Essentially, this title is a bit like a board game. You must roll the dice to see how many spaces you can move forward, and you’ve got an opponent who is hot on your heels at all times. The board has 47 segments with many features. There is a chance to increase your multiplier, trap the enemy, and several other elements that liven things up.

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How to Play the Mehen Casino Game

Although the Mehen Casino Game is packed with quite a few variables, playing the game is easy. After picking your desired wager size through the betting links, you can tap the swirling “Play” button to roll the dice. The die is rolled next to the Mehen snake, and you’ll see how many steps forward you will move based on the outcome.

But things aren’t quite as simple as they seem. As you make your way along the trail, you might encounter Quicksand, Jail Cells, Traps, and Green/Yellow Arrows. These obviously influence your position on the board.

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Mehen Casino Game RTP and Variance

With a low to medium variance rating, the rewards should be frequent but small. This means that some of the higher-level payouts might not come around all too often. As for the RTP, it’s set at 95.80%, which complements the variance rating.

Symbols and Gameplay

It’s hard to argue that this game doesn’t give players something different to enjoy. Furthermore, Evoplay Entertainment has made a real effort to make it engaging with each roll of the dice. We know this because of the flurry of features, as well as the interactive battle between you and the Bot. 

Due to this battle, there is an element of competitiveness in the Mehen game online that you don’t always find.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Once you’re ready to battle your opponent in this exciting game, you must stake some cash. The minimum you can bet per round is $0.10, and the maximum is $100. These values determine your overall payout, but it’s all relative, so make sure you stake an amount that is within your budget.

The maximum payout here is 50x. It is earned by getting to the end of the trail without being harmed.

Mehen Game Bonus Features

The features in the Mehen casino game are linked to specific segments of the trail. There are four different features, including Jail Cells, Quicksand, Traps, and Green/Yellow Arrows that will propel you forward or take you back to the start. These features can impact you or the opponent who is also working their way around the snake.


If you’re bored with categories such as slots and table casino games, the Mehen casino game will serve as the perfect interlude. Despite the fixed game style, it’s a feature-rich title that stimulates a wide range of emotions. Isn’t that what we all crave when playing top-tier casino games?

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Mehen Casino Game FAQs

Does This Game Have A Set Hit Frequency?

Yes, the stated hit frequency is 35.

What Is The Purpose Of The Bot?

The Bot is there to try and make it to the snake’s head before you do, which ends the game.

Are There Any Sections Of The Trail Where I’ll Lose My Stake?

No, you’ll only lose your stake if the Bot takes you down.

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