Mines Game Online by Orbital Gaming

If you are of a certain age, you may remember the Minesweeper game available on all home computers. If so, prepare for a trip down memory lane with the Mines game online, a variation of this all-time classic. And if you don’t, you’re about to discover a fresh and exciting game to add to your shortlist.

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How to Play the Mines Game Online

Orbital Gaming, owners of multiple top casino games, is somewhat famous for recreating classic online casino games and making them simple, yet enjoyable to play. Subsequently, the Mines Game Online also fits the bill. Once the game is loaded and ready to rumble, you must adjust the bet size beneath the 5×5 grid.

After setting a wager size that you are comfortable with, it’s time to determine how many mines you want in play. You can pick from 1 to 24 mines per game. But keep in mind that the more mines you include, the tougher it is to keep the payouts coming in. Then again, the higher the risk, the higher the potential rewards (theoretically speaking).

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Mines Game Online RTP and Variance

There is no variance or RTP for this game because it solely depends on how you choose to play. Conservative gamers can choose to play with just one active mine, whereas risk-takers can play with up to 24 per game, which impacts both of these measures.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

If you want to give the Mines casino game a try, your bank balance doesn’t have to take a huge hit. You can play each round for as little as 10 cents. But if you want to crank things up, you’ll arrive at the highest possible wager of $100.

As for the respective paytable in this game, since it follows a progressive multiplier structure, no set paytable is supplied. Each progressive location chosen on the board boasts a higher multiplier than the next—the further you go, the higher the rewards.

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Mines Casino Game Bonus Features

It’s tough to confirm any obvious bonuses in this game, especially since there is nothing that overlaps with the bonuses detailed in our casino guides. We say this because the multipliers, customizable gameplay, and progressive cashouts could all be considered bonuses. However, they could also be regarded as just part and parcel of this game’s mechanics. 

Whichever way you look at it, the fact that you get to control how you play has to be considered a rewarding bonus element.

Symbols and Gameplay

As each position on the grid is selected, you are sure to feel a sense of anticipation in this game. And by its very nature, the more of the grid you fill, the more likely it is that your next selection will be your last. Therefore, the gameplay here requires courage to maximize the enjoyment levels.


In conclusion, the Mines online casino game from Orbital Gaming is a fun and exciting variation of the classic Minesweeper game. With its progressive multipliers, customizable gameplay, and mobile-friendly interface, this game is a great addition to any player’s shortlist.

The game’s mechanics allow players to control their risk levels, and the higher the risk, the higher the potential rewards. Although there are no set paytable wins or obvious bonuses, the game’s multipliers and progressive cashouts can be considered rewarding bonus elements. Overall, the Mines casino game is a game worth trying for players of all levels.

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Mines Casino Game FAQs

Are The Progressive Payouts Always The Same?

No. They become increasingly higher the further into the game you go.

Is There A Mines Online Casino Demo Version?

Yes. You can play the Mines online casino demo by opening a new account.

Which Version Of The Game Has The Highest Payout Incentives?

These are found when playing the game with 24 active mines, as you’d expect.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jackson Simmons
I'm addicted to Mines!

I'm addicted to Mines! The engaging decisions and the logic of avoiding mines keep me entertained. This game easily earns a well-deserved 5-star rating.

 by Sophia Roberts
A 5-star game indeed!"

Mines brings the thrill of puzzle-solving to the casino. The attention to detail and the opportunity to navigate through the board make it a must-play. A 5-star game indeed!

 by Ethan Parker
A perfect 5-star experience!

Mines tests my strategic thinking and risk assessment. The gameplay is captivating, and the joy of uncovering safe paths is truly exhilarating. A perfect 5-star experience!

 by Olivia Brown
I'm thoroughly impressed with Mines!

I'm thoroughly impressed with Mines! The challenging gameplay and the thrill of making calculated moves create an engaging experience. This game is a true gem for casino enthusiasts.

 by Cameron Mitchell
Mines strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and strategy.

Mines strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and strategy. The game mechanics are straightforward, and the satisfaction of navigating successfully earns it a definite 5 stars!

 by Megan Turner
The decision-making and the potential for clearing paths without mines keep me coming back.

As a fan of both casino games and puzzles, Mines is a must-play. The decision-making and the potential for clearing paths without mines keep me coming back. Highly recommended!

 by Jordan Nelson
This game definitely deserves a perfect rating.

I'm absolutely captivated by Mines! The calculated tactics and the excitement of discovering safe paths add an extra layer of excitement. This game definitely deserves a perfect rating.

 by Alexis Foster
Mines is an absolute gem!

Mines is an absolute gem! The strategic decisions and the thrill of avoiding the mines keep me engaged. A solid 5-star rating without a doubt!

 by Emily Campbell
Having explored various casino games

Having explored various casino games, Mines stands out as one of the most intellectually stimulating experiences. The gameplay, strategy, and potential for substantial wins make it a standout choice. It's a must-try for anyone seeking a blend of challenge and casino fun!

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