Mysteries of the East Casino Game

The Mysteries of the East casino game is a roll-and-move title. There’s a dice roll, a trail, and plenty of rewards along the way. There are also pitfalls that can hinder your quest and even end it entirely, which you’ll want to avoid, ideally. 

So, why would you want to play this game compared to other popular titles shown in our casino guides? Well, it’s all about the experience and the incentives. Since each roll of the dice will take you forward by a random number of places, you just never know where you’ll end up. And while you move across the continent, you might snag speed boosters or unlock a hidden Bonus Round!

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How to Play the Mysteries of the East Casino Game

When Mysteries of the East Casino Game first loads, you’ll be presented with an overview of the journey ahead. The final objective is to reach the promised land, which is highlighted by the temple at the end of the trail. But to get there, you need to help Keiko move along the trail. 

This is done by choosing a preferred bet size and then pressing the button in the center of the control panel. Note that each time you roll the dice it will cost 1x your selected wager value. Your progression is then determined by the value of the dice roll. And you could snap up speed boosters and multipliers as you advance.

Select the “?” icon if you wish to learn more before playing.

The Casino Quest: Discovering a Realm of Engaging Topics

Mysteries of the East Casino Game RTP and Variance

Evoplay Entertainment hasn’t listed an exact variance for this game, but most roll-and-move titles fall in the low to medium range. We’d expect your respective payouts to reflect this. As for the RTP, it is set at 96%.

Symbols and Gameplay

In our experience with roll-and-move games, the Mysteries of the East game is one of the best from a design perspective. It has 3D visuals and striking aesthetics, plus the landscape changes drastically as you advance along the trail. As for other engaging elements, we like the soundtrack and the pop-up tips from Keiko.

For alternative gameplay, you can try other casino games like Roulette or poker and it’s variants, including Texas Hold’em poker, a popular poker game that will entertain you for hours.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Contrary to popular belief, roll-and-move games aren’t expensive to play. In fact, with the Mysteries of the East game online, you can roll the dice for just $0.10 a pop. This creates a conservative gaming opportunity for those who don’t want to spend big but still want to have fun. As for those who do want to go big, it has a $500 maximum bet.

All of this influences the potential payouts as you continue on your journey. These payouts start at 1x and rise to a massive 500x.

Mysteries of the East Game Bonus Features

There are a few intriguing elements worth noting in this game. Along the trail, you could land on a Fox symbol, which doubles as a speed booster. It means that the value will be doubled on the next roll. And as you reach each gate along your journey, the main feature is unlocked.

There are four gates in total, and each serves as an instant win round where you must choose one of three treasure chests. These contain values between 1x and 20x.


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Mysteries of the East Casino Game FAQs

Will I Always Reach The Four Gates?

No. Each journey you undertake will be different.

What Happens If I Make It All The Way To The Orchid Temple?

You will receive one of the game’s largest multipliers.

Can I Control The Path Chosen At Each Crossroad?

No, this is chosen randomly.

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