Pachin Girl Casino Game

In the past, Evoplay Entertainment has crafted all kinds of weird yet wonderful casino games. But as great as its track record is, it continues to push the limits in the iGaming sector. This ambition has led to the creation of the Pachin Girl casino game, a somewhat hybrid style of game that combines classic slots with skill-based games. 

While there is a 3×1 slot reel here, this isn’t the sole factor that produces the top returns of 24,300x. In fact, it’s only half of the overall contributions to the potential returns. The other half is linked to a rather busty female who collects the steel balls that have been launched into the machine. We told you that this game was unique!

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How to Play the Pachin Girl Casino Game

Don’t be intimidated by the presentation of the Pachin Girl casino game. While it is clearly different from standard slots/skill games, you can pick the mechanics up quickly. So, bringing it back to basics, you must first find an ideal wager size. This is done by increasing or decreasing the set wager via the respective links.

From here, you must tap the “Spin” button, as you would with regular video slots. This releases 50 steel balls that work their way to the middle of the machine. As they are gradually collected, the three slot reels will spin until the round is over.

We advise tapping the “?” icon to read the full overview of this game before diving in.

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Pachin Girl Casino Game RTP and Variance

You need to be prepared to ride the payout rollercoaster in this game, as it has a high variance rating. It also has an RTP of 92%, which is lower than some of the most popular slots shown in our casino guides. With that said, the game still demonstrates huge value due to the potential payouts.

Symbols and Gameplay

Not only is this game a visual stunner, but it’s also one of the most interactive games we’ve seen from Evoplay Entertainment. The two elements—the steel ball collection and the slot spinning— guarantee that you’ll be hooked from the first game. At the same time, the busty Pachin Girl game online is a pleasant and dynamic distraction who is a little devious with her collections!

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Gamers of all financial means are covered with this one. It’s possible to play for anywhere from $0.10 to $500, which is an enormous range.

Symbol3 on a Payline
Paper Swan0.30
Stick Candy1.00
Koi Fish5.00
Bathing Cat100.00

Pachin Girl Game Bonus Features

The 3×1 slot reels double up as the key feature here. Of course, you must collect enough steel balls to keep the reels turning in the base game, however. If the symbols fall kindly, you can secure Free Spins, form better combinations with Wild symbols, and enjoy Sticky Wilds. 


You won’t find many titles like the Pachin Girl game. So, if you fancy a whirl at a truly unique creation with great payouts, be sure to register today.

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Pachin Girl Casino Game FAQs

Can The Steel Balls Fall Through The Bottom Of The Machine?

Yes, and these will fail to unlock any features. But fear not, there are 50 active balls per round.

Does This Game Have Different Speed Modes?

Yes, there are three modes to choose from: “Slow”, “Normal”, and “Fast”.

Can The Free Spins Feature Be Retriggered?

The Free Spins feature cannot be retriggered, unfortunately. But if you score 8 spins for your respective round, the rewards could still be extremely high.

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