Penalty Shoot-Out Game Online

This is one of several soccer-themed games by Evoplay Entertainment (others can be viewed in our casino guides) and this one stands out for a handful of reasons. In the Penalty Shoot-Out game online, you pick your team and take on an opponent in a nail-biting penalty shoot-out.

After stumping up a minimum of at least $0.10, you’ll step up to the penalty spot. And just like a classic penalty shoot-out, you’ll need to squeeze the ball beyond the opposing goalkeeper. Each successful kick doubles the progressive multiplier, but if you lose your nerve, you can cash out at any time. 

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How to Play the Penalty Shoot-Out Game Online

It’s always a bit more stimulating when you come across interactive casino games. And in the case of the Penalty Shoot-Out Game Online, you are in charge of where you shoot the ball. This is done by choosing your preferred nation and stumping up an appropriate bet size, after which the shoot-out will begin. You’ll notice that there are five spots in the goal, and you tap these to aim for that region.

There are only two possible outcomes with each kick. You either score and the multiplier doubles, or your shot is saved and the shoot-out is over. But you don’t have to take the next shot if you’re satisfied with the accumulated winnings. Also, you can collect the winnings and start over again at any point.

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Penalty Shoot-Out Game RTP and Variance

Based on the progressive multiplier format of this game, we’d assume the variance is in the low to medium range. This is not the official rating, just to confirm, as no such rating has been supplied. As for the RTP, it is set at a moderate 96%.

Symbols and Gameplay

The overall gameplay here is about as immersive as it gets. You can just feel the nerves and crowd anticipation as you step up to score for your nation. And each kick is accompanied by camera flashes, cheers of joy, and a sliding multiplier bar above the goal. 

Just don’t stare into the goalkeeper’s eyes too long, as he is trying to put you off your game!

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In order to take part in this shoot-out, you must meet the minimum accepted stake. This is set at just $0.10, which is very low. However, should you want to really raise the stakes, it is possible to bet up to $1000 per shoot-out.

Goals ScoredPayout

Penalty Shoot-Out Game Bonus Features

The one downside of the Penalty Shoot-Out games is that there is a distinct lack of bonus features. You can choose different teams and pick where to shoot the ball, but these are not exactly bonuses. They definitely give the game an edge, but they don’t enhance the possible returns.


The Penalty Shoot-Out game online is a fantastic creation. As the rewards climb higher, it’s sure to test your courage, and only those who have ice running through their veins will make it to the end. Does that describe you?

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Penalty Shoot-Out Game Online FAQs

What Mobile Devices Is This Game Suited To?

The Penalty Shoot-Out game online is suitable for all modern-day smartphones and tablets.

How Many Teams Can I Choose From At The Beginning?

There are 24 European teams that you can pick from at the start. With each round played, you’ll take on a different opponent.

Must I Always Pick Where I Shoot The Ball?

No. If you’d prefer the software to choose for you, select “Random”.

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