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Some software providers believe that casino games need to be hugely complex to be entertaining. But if you look at the Plinko Orbital Gaming online game, it’s obvious that this provider doesn’t follow such a perspective. And once you’ve taken a few shots at this game, you will fall in love with its simplistic, arcade style.

But what does this game have to offer? Well, it’s a customizable online casino game where the ball drops from above and bounces through the pyramid to produce a payout at the bottom. 

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How to Play the Plinko Orbital Gaming Game

Have you ever played pinball before? There are a few similarities with Plinko Orbital Gaming, only this time you aren’t trying to prevent the ball from falling through the floor. Instead, you are actively encouraging it, as long as you score a top-paying exit that is! But unfortunately, the point of exit for the ball is out of your control.

Once you pick your wager, adjust the risk level (low-high), and choose from 8-16 rows, it’s time to learn your fate. As that ball drops steadily through the pyramid, you are sure to bite your nails in anticipation. 

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Plinko from Orbital Gaming RTP and Variance

To experience the value and standard payouts of this game, it’s best to take the demo for a test drive. We say that as Orbital Gaming has not provided an RTP or variance level for this game.

For games with favorable RTP values, play the Baccarat game today and experience exciting rewards!

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Plinko from Orbital Gaming is accessible for all thanks to a huge betting range. You can bet just 10 cents at the base level if you wish, or you can increase that wager up to a maximum of $100. As for the respective paytable, there isn’t an exact list of payouts as this game carries a purely random element to it, something you can read more about in our casino guides

The more rows that you play with, the greater the payouts become. And because of that, the highest possible payout in the Plinko game online is 1,000x your stake. Note that you can also choose from low, medium, or high-risk versions, which also impacts the possible payouts.

Plinko from Orbital Gaming Bonus Features

In our opinion, the bonus element comes from the fact that you can customize the game. There aren’t tons of casino games out there that let you change the structure while also choosing from three risk levels. 

Symbols and Gameplay

This game has a simplistic interface and a very straightforward style of play. And while some players will love it, others may find it a bit repetitive. With that said, our take on the game is that it provides a fast-paced, thrilling experience that packs a punch. 

We promise that your blood will be pumping if that ball starts to bounce toward the edges, especially if you’ve thrown down a reasonable stake size.


Do you want to have some fun with a slick and simple casino game? Plinko online game is the perfect solution if you are short on time. And if you want to experience the thrill, be sure to register while you’re here.

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Plinko from Orbital Gaming FAQs

Is This Game Available To Play On Mobile?

Yes. It can be played by accessing your account on any smartphone.

Does This Game Have An Auto-Play Feature?

Yes, and you can choose how many hands-free turns to take at once by using it.

What Format Should I Pick If I Want To Shoot For The Highest Payouts?

To try and land the biggest payouts, you must set the game to the highest risk level with 16 rows in play.

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 9 reviews
 by Ella Martin
Plinko is an absolute blast!

Plinko is an absolute blast! The unpredictability and the excitement of watching the chips bounce keep me entertained. A solid 5-star rating for sure!

 by Caleb Morrison
I'm absolutely captivated by Plinko!

I'm absolutely captivated by Plinko! The suspense of where the chip will land and the thrill of potential wins add an extra layer of excitement. This game deserves a perfect rating.

 by Aria Mitchell
As a fan of casino games and fun randomness, Plinko is a must-play.

As a fan of casino games and fun randomness, Plinko is a must-play. The bouncing chips and the anticipation of big drops keep me coming back. Highly recommended!

 by Owen Turner
Plinko strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and chance.

Plinko strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and chance. The game's simplicity and the joy of seeing chips travel earn it a solid 5 stars!

 by Sophie Carter
I'm thoroughly impressed with Plinko!

I'm thoroughly impressed with Plinko! The interactive gameplay and the thrill of watching chips fall into winning slots create an engaging experience. This game is a true gem for casino enthusiasts.

 by Liam White
Plinko tests my luck and keeps me hooked.

Plinko tests my luck and keeps me hooked. The bouncing chips and the suspense of where they'll land are truly exhilarating. A perfect 5-star experience!

 by Grace Robinson
Plinko brings the fun of game shows right to my screen.

Plinko brings the fun of game shows right to my screen. The variety of outcomes and the excitement of big wins make it a must-play. A 5-star game indeed!

 by Isaac Bennett
I'm addicted to Plinko!

I'm addicted to Plinko! The interactive aspect and the simplicity make it so engaging. This game easily earns a well-deserved 5-star rating.

 by Nova Hill
Having explored various casino games, Plinko stands out as one of the most joyful experiences.

Having explored various casino games, Plinko stands out as one of the most joyful experiences. The gameplay, unpredictability, and potential for wins make it a standout choice. It's a must-try for anyone looking for casual casino fun!

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$0.10 Minimum Bet
One-Tap Gameplay
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1,000x Top Payouts
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