Rise of the Titans Scratchcard Casino Game

Scratch-offs, while they are fundamentally one-dimensional, can actually be quite distinctive. Our casino guides are loaded with titles in this category that are sure to impress. But few match the sensational aesthetics or features found in the Rise of the Titans scratchcard casino game.

Here you can purchase a scratchcard for as little as $0.10. And each time you grab one, there’s a chance of 500x payouts, Free Games, and other exciting features. It ranks as one of the absolute best in this gaming category.

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How to Play the Rise of the Titans Scratchcard Casino Game

At the base level, your requirements to play the Rise of the Titans scratchcard casino game are quite simple. You must adjust the bet size via the “+/-“ buttons, and then tap the giant “Play” button to purchase a card. Each card has nine sections, and stunning lightning strikes will reveal what’s behind them.

You must discover three matching symbols to receive the corresponding payout. However, if you find three Scatter symbols, you will receive 10 Free Games alongside a Wheel of Fortune Bonus. 

Check out the full scope of this game’s mechanics by hitting the “?” icon.

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Rise of the Titans Scratchcard Casino Game RTP and Variance

DragonGaming hasn’t published a variance for this game, which makes this metric tough to estimate. However, it has assigned a clear RTP, which is 95%. Compared to other scratch-offs, this is very reasonable.

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Symbols and Gameplay

For a scratchcard title, the visuals here are remarkable. Each time you play you’ve got formidable lightning strikes that come down from the heavens to reveal each symbol. This goes hand in hand with the thumping drums to create a rather dramatic atmosphere. And whenever your card reveals a win, the electrical surge while the payout is revealed is very cool.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Most scratch-offs have a $1 bet minimum, but the Rise of the Titans scratchcard game online has a low $0.10 minimum wager. This makes it more accessible than most, and at the other end of the scale, cards can be obtained for $20 each. Naturally, the higher the wager, the higher the potential payouts.

Warrior Helmet1
Lightning Bolt5
God of Fire15
Goddess of Wind50
God of Water100

Rise of the Titans Scratchcard Game Bonus Features

There are two features to watch out for in this game. One of them is the Free Games Bonus, which is triggered by landing 3 Scatter symbols on one card. This will give you 10 Free Cards, essentially. And when you are done with these, the next feature automatically kicks in. 

This is the Wheel of Fortune, which will produce a random multiplier to go with the overall winnings in your Free Games. Combined, these features can dish out some serious rewards.


Thanks to the potential payouts, overall aesthetics, and great features, the Rise of the Titans scratchcard game is a must-try. Even if you’re not a huge scratch-off fan right now, you will be after you’ve tested this title.

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Rise of the Titans Scratchcard Casino Game FAQs

Will Every Card Lead To A Payout Of Some Kind?

The 95% RTP means that most of the cards purchased could lead to a payout, but not all of them will.

Does The Game Support “Auto-Play”?

Yes. Next to the “Play” button, there is a smaller button with two arrows. This can be used to trigger up to 1000 scratch-off purchases at a time.

What Mobile Devices Can I Use To Play This Game?

The Rise of the Titans scratchcard casino game works well on the latest smartphones and tablets. Just be sure to update your device to support the latest software.

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