Rock Paper Scissors Casino Game

Rock Paper Scissors is a game that 99% of us will have played as kids. The concept is simple—pick whatever action is stronger than the one that your opponent comes out with. However, the Rock Paper Scissors casino game puts an interesting twist on the standard format. 

Instead of Rocks, Paper, and Scissors, you must choose between a Scroll, Rocks, or Swords. And that’s because you assume the role of a Viking on board a longboat. Remember: Swords beat Scrolls, Scrolls beat Rocks, and Rocks beat Swords. 

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How to Play the Rock Paper Scissors Casino Game

Playing the Rock Paper Scissors Casino Game is easy and fun!

As you sail the seas in this classic Viking vessel, it’s clear that the two warriors are looking to cure their boredom. This boredom has prompted a debate about whether Vikings are stronger than Gauls, and vice versa. To settle the debate, the two warriors must draw one of three weapons. Whichever is stronger is then launched at the other warrior.

You must choose a bet size and then pick one of the three weapons (Scroll, Rock, Swords). After hitting “Play”, the weapons are drawn and the result is confirmed. Should you win the battle, you will land a payout worth 1.92x your stake.

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Rock Paper Scissors Casino Game RTP and Variance

Evoplay Entertainment can be a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to revealing key metrics in its casino games. And this time around, it’s a miss on both accounts, as there is no specified variance or RTP.

Symbols and Gameplay

Evoplay Entertainment cannot be accused of a lack of effort when it comes to aesthetics. The Rock Paper Scissors game is a true delight in terms of the setting, animations, and upbeat sound effects. You’ve even got Viking grunts and seagull squawks to give the game an immersive quality. All in all, we are more than impressed with the gameplay here. 

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

This game has a significant gap between the lowest accepted wager and the highest. These are $0.10 and $1000, respectively. Of course, many other bet sizes exist between these figures, and you can scroll through them as you please. As for what impact this has on your possible payout, it’s pretty simple.

Since the fixed payout for a win in this game is 1.92x your stake, this multiplier is applied to your stake to determine the payout.

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Rock Paper Scissors Game Bonus Features

Due to the nature of how Rock Paper Scissors works, the game doesn’t exactly lend itself to bonuses. Therefore, we can confirm that the game doesn’t have any unique features.

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The Rock Paper Scissors casino game stirs up feelings of nostalgia for obvious reasons. But as old-school as the fundamentals are, it still has enough in the tank to excite pretty much any player. 

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Rock Paper Scissors Casino Game FAQs

What Happens If My Opponent’s Weapon Is Stronger Than Mine?

In this instance, you would not receive a win for that particular round. But there’s always the next round to try again.

Is It Possible To Track The History Of Each Round?

Yes. Directly next to the main screen, you can see the previous results of each round.

Does My Bet Size Influence The Expected Returns?

No. While the bet size does correspond to the multiplier to determine your reward, it doesn’t impact your actual chances of winning.

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