Scratch Alpaca Gold Casino Game

Who’s ready for a golden adventure? The Scratch Alpaca Gold game is like no other, where alpacas shine and offer those who join them a chance to scratch to win! Crafted by the BGaming team, this simple yet entertaining game features a 3×3 grid that’s a breeze to play yet offers endless chances to pick up easy wins. At its heart is a gold alpaca mascot, injecting a luxurious twist into the scratchcard scene. It’s one of those casino online games that need to be played to be believed!

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How to Play Scratch Alpaca Gold Game

You’ve probably played a scratchcard before, but we’ll give those new to this fun world a quick explanation of how to play the Scratch Alpaca Gold Game. You only have a few buttons to get to grips with, including the big Buy button and the “A” icon that initiates the Autospin mode if you don’t want to scratch yourself, but that’s taking most of the fun away! The Menu button makes up the last of the main controls, providing you with all the key gaming settings.

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Scratch Alpaca Gold Game RTP and Variance

High variance and 90% RTP await those who play the Scratch Alpaca Gold game, ensuring the gameplay brings an experience that will keep you entertained.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Like in many other games from our collection, the 2.50-coin bet is the only option available when playing, so it’s nice and easy to control your bankroll. The payouts you can win include the following:

PrizeWinning Amount

Scratch Alpaca Gold Game Bonus Features

Playing the Scratch Alpaca Gold online takes you into a whacky yet lucrative world of animals and scratchcard gameplay. While slot games often deliver a long list of features, this title keeps it simple. You have the Turbo mode that speeds up the scratching process to an immediate result, although we suggest you try doing it yourself a few times just to enjoy it! The Autospin mode takes things even further, so you can just sit back and watch what the golden alpaca has in store for you. That’s it in terms of features. We said it was simple!

Symbols and Gameplay

Next up in our Scratch Alpaca Gold game review is a closer look at the paytable. Symbols are not relevant in this gaming setup, so it’s more a case of looking at what size wins you can pick up. Again, things are kept simple due to the single bet total available. You can pick up anything from a low 2.5 coins, which is your bet total paid back, to 250,000 coins for the maximum payout.

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You’ll find a couple of similar games like this one in our casino, but the Scratch Alpaca Gold game takes the plaudits as the top scratcher. Not only does it offer a bigger bet total, but the maximum win ramps up to 250,000 coins. If the image of big wins doesn’t capture your attention, then the cool golden alpaca will surely do so!

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Scratch Alpaca Gold Game FAQs

Can I bet more than 2.50 coins on the game?

No, the betting range is limited. The only bet total available in the game is worth 2.50 coins, making it easy to control your bankroll.

What does the 90% RTP and high variance mean?

You’ll expect a varied session when playing the Scratch Alpaca Gold game. You could win small and big payouts, making the gameplay random and entertaining every time you play.

Is the turbo mode worth using?

It depends on your budget and gameplay preferences. Some like to savor the experience, while others want to find the big wins and play quickly. Always play responsibly, though.

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