St. Patrick’s Magic Field by Evoplay Entertainment Casino Game

Step into a world where the Irish folklore meets strategic mastery in the St. Patrick’s Magic Field Evoplay Entertainment casino game, an ingenious creation by the renowned provider, Evoplay Entertainment. Diverging from traditional reel slots, this game is a fusion of the classic battleship strategy and the whimsy of the Emerald Isle. Ladies, as we embrace the allure tailored for our fabulous audience, are you ready to navigate the mystical waters and challenge St. Patrick himself? Sail on to Slots Paradise Casino and anchor yourself in the magic of this and many other games!

How to Play St. Patrick’s Magic Field Evoplay Entertainment Casino game

Start by loading the game and acquaint yourself with the essential rules and details using the menu button. In the main game interface, you’ll be prompted to choose your desired bet amount and decide on the number of bombs you wish to have within the grid. By default, the game sets you up with the least number of bombs, which is just one. However, you have the flexibility to adjust this throughout the game, even ramping it up to a daring 20 bombs if you’re in the mood for some high stakes. When you’re set, pick a tile of your choice, and hope for a lucky shamrock rather than a bomb! If you prefer a surprise, hit the Random button and let the game make the choice. A shamrock lets you either proceed or cash in your winnings, while striking a bomb means you’ll need to give it another shot.

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St. Patrick’s Magic Field Evoplay Entertainment Casino game RTP and Variance

The RTP rate of St. Patrick’s Magic Field Evoplay Entertainment game online fluctuates based on the number of bombs you opt to incorporate in the game. This percentage spans from 96.25% to 97%, positioning it on the more generous end of industry standards.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The game’s peak potential reward is a staggering 10,000 times your wager. This impressive win is attainable when you opt for both the highest bet and the greatest number of bombs on the grid. When initiating play with just a single bomb, the game starts with the smallest multiplier. However, with every shamrock you unveil, this multiplier escalates. As a result, your prospective earnings surge as you introduce more bombs to the arena. Above the game grid, the potential win for each revealed shamrock tile is clearly indicated, keeping you in the loop. Betting options in the game are versatile, spanning from a modest bet of $1 to a high roller’s delight of $20.

St. Patrick’s Magic Field Evoplay Entertainment Casino game Bonus Features

Due to St. Patrick’s Magic Field’s Battleships-inspired gameplay, it lacks traditional bonus elements such as free spins or scatter symbols.

Symbols and Gameplay

Embark on a thrilling adventure with the leprechaun, Evelina, guarding her treasure on Rainbow Hill. Beware, for alongside the coveted gold, mines await unsuspecting adventurers. Picking shamrocks earns rewards, but a bomb ends your quest, relinquishing your gains. Evelina, ever watchful, eagerly awaits your next move, giving a sense of foreboding rather than the typical friendly leprechaun vibe.

The game’s vibrant graphics and lively animations are complemented by an enchanting Irish whistle tune. The swift nature of the game adds to the adrenaline rush, leaving players on the edge with every tile choice.


St. Patrick’s Magic Field Evoplay Entertainment game is a refreshing departure from traditional slots, presenting a captivating merge of strategy and Irish charm. The mesmerizing allure of the game makes it a must-try at Slots Paradise Casino.

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St. Patrick’s Magic Field Evoplay Entertainment Casino game FAQs

Can beginners play this game easily?

Absolutely! While strategic in nature, St. Patrick’s Magic Field offers an intuitive interface making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned players.

What happens if I pick a tile with a bomb in the St. Patrick’s Magic Field game?

Selecting a tile with a bomb underneath ends your current game session, and any winnings you’ve accumulated in that round will be forfeited.

Is St. Patrick’s Magic Field Evoplay Entertainment game online a traditional slot?

No, it’s a unique battleship-style strategy game infused with the charm of Irish folklore.

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