Super 7 Slot by SimplePlay

As the saying goes, you’ve got to buy a ticket if you want to win the raffle. This phrase applies to the Super 7 slot from SimplePlay. In this intriguing instant win release, you’ve got to buy a round and wait for the machine to pump out 7 numbers at random (hence the name of the game).

If the numbers revealed by the machine match those that are directly below each section, you are in the money. And the more numbers you match, the more you get. However, your fate is purely in the hands of this rather old-fashioned raffle machine, giving the game a bit of a classic feel to it.

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How to Play the Super 7 Slot

The Super 7 Slot may seem a little strange when you first open it. That’s because it takes time to digest how the 7 numbers are generated and how you win money. But the good news is that you can learn all of this within just a few minutes. 

Unless you wish to change the 7 numbers shown on the machine (which you can do), you can jump right in by picking a bet size and taking it for a whirl. This is the point at which the machine churns away to generate the 7 random numbers. 

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Super 7 Online Game RTP and Variance

The fact that this machine creates random number combinations might make it seem volatile. However, this is just the way that the game functions—it has no bearing on how erratic the payouts are. And on that note, SimplePlay hasn’t given a specific RTP or variance rating for the Super 7 slot game.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Like many titles produced by SimplePlay, the wager range is fixed at $0.10 to $5.00. While this may not satisfy those searching for the high roller meaning in terms of betting big, it ensures that irrespective of your financial position, you can easily dive into and enjoy this fantastic title.

1 Coincided1.00
2 Coincided2.00
3 Coincided3.00
4 Coincided10.00
5 Coincided25.00
6 Coincided50.00
7 Coincided1000.00

Super 7 Game Bonus Features

Unfortunately, while the payouts offered in the Super 7 game are above average, there aren’t any bonus features jumping out at you. This means that the usual features—as seen in other games listed in our casino guides—aren’t present. 

While this makes things seem a little dull, it is still a highly rewarding and enjoyable game.

Symbols and Gameplay

We like that this game is customizable to some degree since you can increase/decrease any of the 7 numbers as you see fit. And while yes, we know that this doesn’t influence the outcome, it does get players more involved compared to other instant-win titles. Furthermore, we love that the machine springs to life and rattles away to release possible combinations.

The aesthetics are fantastic, and it creates a more dynamic environment than what you would expect from progressive slots like this.


If you are feeling lucky today, why not pick up a ticket or two and play the Super 7 game? Should that machine pump out the right numbers, you could be walking away with a 1,000x top prize. To be in with a shot, you must first register right here.

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Super 7 Game FAQs

Do All Of The Numbers I Choose Need To Be Different?

No, you can pick 7 of the same number if you want to.

If I Bet More Money Do I Have More Chance Of Winning?

No, although your winnings will increase relative to your wager.

What Devices Does This Game Work Best On?

The Super 7 game works great on most tablets, smartphones, and desktop devices.

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