Apollo 77 Slot Game

Are you ready for a lunar adventure? Dive into the Apollo 77 online slot, a mesmerizing creation by Smartsoft Gaming, set to take your online casino experience to the Moon and back. This digital slot showcases five spinning reels, deviating from the traditional paylines. What makes it shine? Revel in its meticulous graphics, from the animated astronaut and rocket by the reels to the tranquil lunar landscape and satellite in the background. That’s not all – unique icons enliven the reels, paired with enthralling ambient music and compelling recorded messages. 

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How to Play Apollo 77 Slot

Begin your journey with the Apollo 77 five-reel slot by pressing the green button located beneath the matrix. Adjust your bet size to suit your preference. For hands-free gaming, activate the auto-play option on the main screen, allowing for limitless spins and customizable limits.

If you’re keen on expedited features, there’s a ‘buy bonus’ button detailed later. For more settings and information, click on the three white lines in the upper-right corner. Here, you can access the paytable, toggle full screen, and control both music and sound effects.

Spinning the Reels: Casino Insights

Apollo 77 Slot RTP and Variance

The Apollo 77 Slot game boasts an impressive RTP of 98%, rivaling top industry offerings and ensuring players a rewarding play experience. Details regarding the game’s volatility, whether low, medium, or high, are currently unavailable.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Apollo 77 Slot provides a betting range from a modest $0.25 to a daring $20, accommodating both conservative players and high-rollers. Let’s delve into the paytable:

Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Footstep alongside a flagx8x20x40
Space equipment piecex4x10x20
Space stationx2x6x8
Space roverx1.60x3.60x5.60
Astronaut’s helmetx1.20x2.80x4.80
Satellite dishx0.80x2x4
A, P, O, L, 7x0.80x1.20x2

Apollo 77 Slot Game Bonus Features

Apollo 77 offers engaging bonus features to spice up the player experience. While there’s no free spins feature, the game more than compensates with its unique mini-games. To trigger a bonus round, land three bonus icons on the reels, giving players up to three chances to match symbols on a three-reel mini-slot. The goal? Align the arrow with the chosen symbol. But watch out – an arrow landing on the exit sign costs an attempt.

In the main game, keep an eye on the ship’s inscription to the screen’s right, which lights up progressively. Light up the entire inscription through relevant wins to activate the ship, with bonuses varying by flight length. Additionally, Apollo 77 introduces a buy feature, allowing players to purchase one of the previously described bonuses for an extra bet.

Symbols and Gameplay

Apollo 77 slot boasts a diverse paytable with 11 foundational symbols. Rather than the usual playing card icons, this game features letters and a number as its low-value symbols – specifically, the letters A, P, O, L, and the number 7.

For those seeking bigger rewards, the game presents a set of theme-related high-value symbols. Payouts are given when you align three, four, or five matching symbols on adjacent reels. This set includes the satellite dish, astronaut’s helmet, space rover, space station, and another space equipment piece. The pinnacle of the paytable is symbolized by a footstep alongside a flag, marking the highest value amongst the basic symbols.


Embark on a celestial journey with the Apollo 77 Slot, a game that masterfully melds thematic charm with rewarding mechanics. While traditionalists may miss the classic free spins feature, the unique mini-games and bonuses more than compensate, delivering an immersive and refreshing experience. Coupled with a striking visual palette and captivating ambient music, Apollo 77 isn’t just like other online slots—it’s an interstellar adventure. Whether you’re chasing the stars or the highest payout, this slot promises both thrill and satisfaction.

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Apollo 77 Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Apollo 77 Slot?

Apollo 77 Slot has an RTP of 98%.

Can I play Apollo 77 Slot on my mobile device?

Yes! Apollo 77 Slot online is fully optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet.

Are there any free spins features in Apollo 77?

No, the game doesn’t offer a specific free spins feature. However, it compensates with its unique mini-games and other bonuses.

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