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Arrival is a Betsoft slot machine that tells the story of aliens, spacemen, and extraterrestrial travel. There are 30 paylines, several features, and some fantastic graphics. Spin these Arrival slots now to explore this wonderfully bizarre world for yourself.

How to Play the Arrival Slot

Playing the Arrival slot at your favorite casino online is a breeze—you’ll be spinning within a couple of clicks.

Simply click the green menu icon and choose “Change Bet”. There are three options on this screen. The first two relate to the value of the coins and the number of coins wagered per spin. The final option dictates how many paylines are played. 

Set all of these according to your budget and keep an eye on the Bet in Cash to see your total wager.

Play the Arrival Slot Demo for free, and arrive at the best gameplay of your life!

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Arrival RTP and Variance

Arrival has fantastic graphics and an array of great features, but the RTP is a little on the low side at 92.26%. Still, there are some big wins to be had here and Arrival is still a slot that’s packed with action and opportunity. There are lots of high-paying symbols and several features, all of which make the RTP feel a lot higher than it is.

For variants in RTP values, gameplay, and payouts, try other games like the Atlantis Slot.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Symbol2 on a Payline3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Man 0.66x2.66x6.66x13.33x
White Robot0.33x1.33x3.33x6.66x
Space Ship0.16x0.83x2.50x5x
Badge x0.66x1.33x3.33x
Green Eyed Robot x0.50x1x2.50x
Green Targetx0.33x0.66x1.66x

Arrival Bonus Features

Click Me features are classic slot bonuses that you’ll find on many Betsoft titles, including Arrival. These features are simple but fun, as you just need to click certain items to reveal payouts.

Where Arrival is concerned, you need three or more Ray Gun symbols to launch this feature. Click the UFOs to win cash prizes and these will be credited to your balance when the feature ends.

Arrival also has a Wild Reel that triggers when three or more of the Green Alien symbols appear. It’s a UFO Abduction Wild Reel that activates following an animation that remains for several spins. You won’t pay any extra for these spins, but it’s not possible to activate the Ray Gun Click Me feature or the main Bonus Round when the Wild Reel is active.

Finally, the Arrival slots has a Bound Round that launches when at least 3 of the Female Marine symbols fall on the reels. During the Bonus Round, you must rescue the Female Marine from the Brain. She has been captured and it’s your duty to save the day! There are big prizes waiting for you if you are successful.

With these features, is easy to understand why this game has become one of the top casino games for many.

Symbols and Gameplay

Arrival reminds us of classic 1990s alien-based sci-fi films and TV shows. It has a Mars Attacks vibe to it, but there are elements of classic animations in there as well. All of this creates something that looks new yet familiar, and that’s no doubt what the developers were going for.

The graphics aren’t the only thing that make this game special. They are accompanied by a variety of bonus features, as discussed above, and an ambient soundtrack.

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The aliens have landed. So, grab your weapon of choice and prepare to do battle against ray guns and telekinetic abilities! Arrival is a top slot that follows classic sci-fi themes, blending great slot bonuses with colorful graphics and fantastic gameplay.

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Arrival Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Arrival?

The Arrival slot has an RTP of 92.26%, putting it under the average for Betsoft Gaming slots.

What is the Biggest Symbol on Arrival?

The Man is the symbol that returns the biggest payout, followed by the little Alien. Check the Paytable for a full list of payouts.

How Many Paylines Does Arrival Have?

There are 30 paylines on the Arrival slot. If you visit the Bet section in the game’s menu, you can choose to play as few or as many of these as you wish.

Slots Paradise
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Nicholas Allen
Nice experience

The base game is great, and I love what the two scatter symbols are able to unlock and trigger when it comes to bonus features. I wish they could do more in offering higher maximum payouts for symbols though.

 by Sharon Wapp
Great time

I’d encourage anyone playing this game to start by familiarizing themselves with the symbols because there really are a lot of them. It can be slightly overwhelming at times.

 by Debra Walker
Love the soundtrack

I get the feeling that the soundtrack to this slot is inspired by Star Wars or Star Trek. Anyway, I’m not complaining because it makes the slot a lot more entertaining.

 by Carolyn Shaw
Great symbols

If you really do intend on making the experience worthwhile, I’d suggest you stick around for payouts from the high-paying symbols and bonus features.

 by Patricia Ward
Great combinations

The game is set to offer medium variance, so the regular payouts are a bit low, but I believe the 30 pay lines can do well in helping attain more of those winning combinations.

 by James Turner
high-quality graphics and animation

It’s all about space aliens, and I will say that the provider has done well in using high-quality graphics and animation to get the job done. I’m completely blown away. 

 by Nancy Williams
Best RTP

Though the RTP is rather low at just 92.26%, the slot’s features and gameplay are ideal for any kind of player that’s experienced, starting, or anywhere in between.

 by Grace Clarke

I love how the slot suddenly begins to nudge you into playing more the moment it starts sensing that you’re inactive.

 by Patrick Wilson
3D visual game

I’ve found Arrival to be one of Betsoft’s best slots in 3D gaming. Everything about the game is just brilliant.

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Alien Theme
5 Reels and 30 Paylines
Wild Reel
Bonus Round
Click Me Feature
92.26% RTP