Blocky Block 2 Slot by KA Gaming

Have you played the original Blocky Block Slot? If so, you’ll be thrilled to see that this game has been given an upgrade with the Blocky Block 2 slot. This time around, you’ve got the same old-school aesthetics and Cluster Pays, only the overall value has been given a boost.

When spinning the reels, you’ll encounter Cascading Wins, 150x top payouts, and a seriously exciting Ladder Multiplier. This combination of features is sure to keep you hooked on what is already a hugely popular slot game.

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How to Play the Blocky Block 2 Slot

In the realm of online casino games, initiating the action is straightforward. To set the reels in motion, first select your preferred bet size, then kick things off by pressing the prominent “Play” button. Essentially, that’s the procedure for each spin. For those who prefer a more automated approach, there’s the option to configure auto-spins. Moreover, this game introduces the exhilarating Cascading Wins feature, a standout among casino games. With this feature, new symbols cascade down to replace those that formed winning combinations, paving the way for impressive multipliers and hefty payouts.

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Blocky Block 2 Slot RTP and Variance

This Blocky Block 2 Slot game has an RTP that is in line with other online slots from KA Gaming, which you can observe by looking at our casino guides. For clarity, the RTP is 94%, but there is no associated variance rating.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Blocky Block 2 Slot online wager range goes from $0.20 all the way through to $40 in this game. If neither of these price points suits you, you can always explore the different levels in between.


Blocky Block 2 Slot Bonus Features

The extra features in this game compared to the original are the Ladder Multiplier and Cascading Wins. While the two are separated, they are essentially intertwined to create one sensational feature. Each winning spin results in a Cascading Win, which could contribute an extra win on top of the first rotation.

Should this occur, the Ladder Multiplier will increase, and it is then multiplied by the winnings to produce an overall return. This can build from 1x through to a 30x multiplier. 

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Symbols and Gameplay

The pixel graphics in the Blocky Block 2 Slot remind us of our favorite games from those early days. Naturally, this creates a nice nostalgic feel, and it’s cool that KA Gaming has thrown in modern features like Cascading Wins to liven up the reels. Since this is capped with somewhat uplifting theme music, we couldn’t ask for much more.


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Blocky Block 2 Slot FAQs

How Many Symbols Must I Group For A Payout?

You must combine at least 5 symbols in the Blocky Block 2 Slot for a payout.

Can I Adjust The Sound Settings?

Yes, you can change the volume level or turn the sound off entirely through the settings menu.

What Is The Most I Can Win In This Game?

The maximum payout you can bag here is 150x, which results in a return of $45,000 at the top wager value.

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