Great 88 Slot Game

The number 88 symbolizes good luck and fortune in Chinese culture, and in Great 88, this number is everywhere! Will the Great 88 slot bring you fortune and prosperity in your online casino experience? There’s only one way to find out—spin those reels today!

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How to Play Great 88 Slot

The first thing to consider when playing the Great 88 slot is whether you want to hear the audio or not. There is no annoying theme music playing throughout the slot, but you will hear the reels as they move and judder to a halt, and there are also win sound effects.

Click the menu represented by three lines and click the “Sound” option to mute and unmute as required. This is also where you will find the Paytable, for more information, and the bet screen, where you can choose your wager.

With the latter, you can move from a low of $0.30 to a high of $10.50. The bet you set here covers all of the game’s 30 paylines and it’s not possible to reduce how many of these you play.

Following a win in the base game, the “Double-Up” button will appear. If you choose to click this, a mini-game will pop up, asking you to wager all or half of your funds on a coin toss. Choose “Collect Bank” to exit at any time with the money accumulated thus far.

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Great 88 RTP and Variance

The RTP on the Great 88 online slot is one of the few disappointments, as it’s fixed at 94.3%, putting it under the average. It’s only just under, though, and the high variance and huge payout potential more than make up for it.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

As you can see from the paytable that our casino guide facilitates, no payout is granted for 2 on a payline, also known as Casino Pair. Payouts start on 3 symbols on a payline:

Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Wild 2.93x29.60x296.26x
Red Dragon 8.33x16.66x33.33x
Blue Dragon5.00x10.00x20.00x
Jade Ornament4.16x8.33x16.66x
Red Rope2.50x5.00x10.00x
Green Sign0.33x0.83x1.66x
Red Sign0.33x0.83x1.66x
Three Reds 0.16x0.33x0.83x
Two Greens0.16x0.33x0.83x
One Brown0.16x0.33x0.83x

Great 88 Bonus Features

Many of the best features here revolve around the Lucky Boxes. Three of these red boxes can trigger huge payouts and fun animations. They can also trigger the Firecracker Wilds, and as each of these symbols explodes, they will spread and turn 1 or 2 other symbols Wild. 

If the Lucky Boxes reveal Jade Coins, you’ll be given anywhere from 3 to 25 Free Spins. The boxes don’t appear during the feature, though.

Lucky Boxes can also reveal Golden Dumplings, and these 24-carat bites reward a spin of the Bonus Wheel and a chance to unlock Free Spins and instant wins. The most lucrative spot on the Bonus Wheel is the one that triggers the Mega Win Wheel.

One spin of this wheel could activate a monster payout worth 6,000x your stake. Smaller payouts are also available.

Symbols and Gameplay

The luck theme really shines through in the Great 88 slots. There are Lucky Boxes, Lucky Coins, and even the numbers are lucky! To top it off, the game offers several different features, including ones inspired by Wheel of Fortune games—what else!? 

The audio doesn’t assault your ears and leave you searching for a mute button, and there is a satisfying “thud” to the halting reels.

Play the Great 88 Slot Demo to get to know all the details of this great slot game.


Fortune, prosperity, and firecrackers are the themes of the day here. Great 88 slot is an explosive slot machine that comes loaded with top features and a distinctly Eastern flair. It’s a Betsoft slot with a lot to offer, so play it right now and see what it’s all about!

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Great 88 FAQs

How Many Paylines Does Great 88 Have?

Great 88 has 30 paylines spread across 3 rows and 5 reels.

How Much Can I Win?

If you wager the maximum stake, it’s possible to win up to $63,000 in the Mega Win Wheel Bonus. These wins are relative to your stake, as well, so you don’t need to bet big to win big.

What is the Maximum Bet?

The wager goes up to $10.50 for a single spin of all 30 paylines.

Slots Paradise
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by María Pilar Caballero
Awesome game!

I’ve never been so infatuated with a game before. Great 88 is the perfect example of something being the entire package. I’d play this slot game all day if I could.

 by Inmaculada Gallarado
Great adventure!

Great 88 was calming and yet still gave me the sense of adventure I had been looking for in other slot games. I will be playing this slot game for a while.

 by Marta Parra
Love the music!

I couldn't fault Great 88 at anything. I loved the graphics and free spins. Everything about this slot game was done well—a round of applause to the developers.

 by Alex Ortega
Great symbols!

I find that scatters and wild symbols make the slot game fun and offer it a sense of entertainment. I appreciated that Great 88 had these features. 

 by Martin Rojas
Nice features!

A good choice of colors and a job well done on the graphics. I wish Great 88 had an autoplay option and a multiplier, but it does have some free spins which make up for it.

 by Carlos Sanz
Amazing free spins!

I really like that Great 88 had free spins. I really do enjoy free spins, so that was a significant plus. I’d play Great 88 using my own money because it was a pleasure to play.

 by Nuria Vidal
Really amazing!

I was pleasantly surprised with Great 88. Playing it was really amazing, and I enjoyed the theme. I would definitely play this slot game again.

 by Juan Carlos Vargas
Soooo good!

Getting into the game wasn’t the issue, but loading everything else within the game was a little problematic. Other than this, playing Great 88 was good.

 by Julia Bravo
Great graphics!

Playing Great 88 was more than impressive. Really great graphics and an even better theme. I’d definitely play Great 88 for real money.

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