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Hot Patrick Slot Game

Hot Patrick Slot Game

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Gamzix loves to create online slots with a festival vibe and the Hot Patrick slot is one of the developer’s best festival-like slots to date. You can dance, drink, and have a great time, as expected from a game based on St. Patrick, but this slot offers so much more than just an upbeat celebration.

Specifically, a full grid of matching symbols automatically unlocks the main multiplier feature. This results in double the payout, and double the excitement. As for standard wins, you can gamble them up to five times in a row, assuming you’ve got the courage to do so.

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How to Play the Hot Patrick Slot

Matching the joyful leprechauns in their pint-swilling activities is as easy as playing a free roulette game, making it a perfect fit for playing this slot game! Since it’s a straightforward slot, there’s no need for complex strategizing. Simply adjust the official bet size to your liking and spin.

This means less time worrying about complex mechanics and more time living it up in this Irish-themed world. Alternatively, if you really wish to immerse yourself, you can activate a series of auto spins.

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Hot Patrick Slot Game RTP and Variance

Since the payouts aren’t huge in this game, unsurprisingly, the official variance is low/medium. This metric is accompanied by a 96.20% RTP, creating a low-risk slot game overall.

Gain deeper insights into RTP and variance through our expertly crafted casino guides.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Wagers start at just $0.10 in this game, which is super low. At the other end, the maximum limit is $20.

Symbol2 on a Payline3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Double BARX1.00XX
Four-Leaf CloverX40.00XX

Hot Patrick Slot Bonus Features

Explore other Irish slots in our game reviews and you’ll see Free Spins, Enhanced Wilds, and other exciting incentives. However, Gamzix has kept it simple with this one, limiting the features to basic multipliers, triggered by revealing a full grid of the same symbol.

This boosts your payouts to the tune of 2x, which leads to a significant payout rise for high-value symbols. Individual payouts that don’t trigger this feature can be gambled. In an interactive card game, you get to guess the icon on the next card. If you’re correct, your returns will be doubled. 

If you’re wrong, all accumulated funds will be lost, including the original payout.

Symbols and Gameplay

Close your eyes and listen to the energetic theme music here and you’ll want to get up and dance right away. This optimistic soundtrack matches the vibrant symbols, including Leprechauns, Four-Leaf Clovers, and more. When you score a win, be prepared for a few sharp sounds that let you know you’re in the money!


Irish slot games rarely disappoint, but they can get stale, as there are a huge number of them out there. To Gamzix’s credit, the Hot Patrick slot offers something unique in a rather saturated space.

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Hot Patrick Slot FAQs

Can I Always Gamble Payouts From Winning Spins?

Yes, no matter how big or small the payout is!

Will I Get Multipliers On Regular Payouts?

No. But you can pursue multipliers by risking your payout in the “Gamble” feature.

Is There A Maximum Payout In This Game?

Yes. The top prize you can land in the Hot Patrick slot is worth 158x your stake.

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3 Reels & 3 Rows
Gamble Feature
5 Paylines
96.20% RTP
Low/Med Variance