Hot Triple Sevens Special Slot Game

Remember the original Hot Triple Sevens slot? If so, you’ll be pretty eager to try the fully upgraded Hot Triple Sevens Special slot. This is a new and improved twist on the original, and there are plenty of top features to stimulate your appetite. 

Starting with a larger grid format of 5×3, there is clearly more wiggle room for a wider variety of features. And regarding these upgrades, you’ve now got 10 paylines, multiple Free Spin tiers, and Wild symbols. And that’s just the beginning!

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Hot Triple Sevens Special Slot RTP and Variance

The Hot Triple Sevens Special slot game is less stomach-churning than its older cousin. We can say that because the variance rating is medium, and the RTP is fixed at 92.03%. Combined, this means wins should be more frequent, although the scale of those wins can vary. 

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Hot Triple Sevens Special Slot Game Bonus Features

For an online slot game that radiates old-school vibes, it’s got some very modern features. Browse through these and you’ll unearth Free Spins with three different tiers—10, 15, and 20 spins in total. Complementing this feature, you’ve also got multipliers that have been thrown into the mix, and these can be quite staggering.

As for base game features, the constant presence of the Wild symbol helps to release those higher payouts.

Symbols and Gameplay

This game has an extremely relaxed feel to it, despite the multicolored 7 symbols that can torch the reels at times. As gentle music caresses your ears, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little too laid back here. But once the winning combinations start to flow, those reels will chime away as the respective payout flashes above the matrix.

This will instantly bring back the focus needed for an enjoyable gaming session.

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How to Play the Hot Triple Sevens Special Slot

From the moment you lay eyes on the Hot Triple Sevens Special Slot, you’ll notice the arcade machine visuals with flashing buttons along the panel. These buttons don’t actually serve any purpose, though. For the actual game controls, you must glance below the matrix where you’ll see options such as “Bet”, “Spin”, “Auto-Spin”, and even “Bet Settings”. 

You can use these as you see fit to determine the value per spin, as well as the style of spins: manual vs automatic.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Boasting a wager range of $0.10 to $500, gamers of all kinds can get acquainted with this one. You can play conservatively or go all out—it’s entirely your choice.

Symbol2 on a Payline3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
White 7X1320
Blue 7X1320
Red 7X1320
Star ScatterX21050
Flaming White 7X1.5010100
Flaming Blue 7X1.5010100
Flaming Red 7X1.5010100
Hot 7X550250


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Hot Triple Sevens Special Slot FAQs

Does This Game Work Well On Mobile Devices?

Yes, it works extremely well on modern-day tablets and smartphones.

Do I Have To Keep The Music/Sound Effects Turned On?

No. If you’d prefer, you can turn these off in the settings.

Does The Scatter Symbol Also Produce A Payout?

Yes, and the payout is subsequently added to your overall return from the Free Spins.

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