Hyper Galactic Slot Game

Hyper Galactic Slot Game

Get your space suits on. We’re going off-world for a thrilling journey in the Hyper Galactic Slot from Nucleus Gaming, creators of many successful casino games. This super bright slot will blow your mind as you spin the reels to discover not only Cherry symbols, but also all your casino slot favorites, such as Bars, Bells, Playing Cards, and That Lucky Seven.

Get ready to launch your bankroll with the Hyper Galactic slot!

How to Play Hyper Galactic Slot

Hyper fun for hyper wins – come learn how to play the Hyper Galactic slot!

Head off to the bet options located in the menu at the top left of the reels, represented by three horizontal lines. Changing the bet options involves choosing the Coin Denomination and Bet Amount. 

For the less spin-inclined player, there is the Auto-Play feature that will allow you to select up to 100 spins and set the stake for these spins.

Accessing the Paytable is done from the same menu as the bet settings and will provide information on various aspects of this slot.

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Hyper Galactic RTP and Variance

No official information on either the RTP or variance has been published by Nucleus Gaming.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Payouts are based on a bet of $125

Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Bell $150$750$2,500
Triple Bar$75$500$2,000
Double Bar$50$375$1,250
Single Bar$50$375$1,250

Hyper Galactic Bonus Feature

Hyper Galactic slot game provides a unique spin on bonus features by offering something out of the ordinary. 

During the course of play, two or more reels can become synced. These Synced Reels will display exactly the same symbols on all of the reels, in the same order. During the spin, the reels can expand to cover three, four, or all of the five reels. These Synced Reels maximize your winnings, as the symbols can form a larger combination.

Other than the Synced Reels feature, you can also land the Wild symbol anywhere on the reels. These Wild symbols can substitute for any of the main game symbols and help to complete a big payout. Try the Hyper Galactic Demo to test these features yourself!

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Symbols and Gameplay

The Synced Reels reveal larger combinations than you will find in many other online casino slots. 

The symbol you most want to see is the 7s. This high-paying symbol will pay up to $5,000 if five of them land on the reels while the game’s maximum bet has been set. The other higher-tiered symbols, such as the Bell and Triple Bar, will also pay upwards of $2,000 for combinations of five symbols.

The Wild can greatly impact the gameplay by forming multiple combinations with various symbols.

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The online slots by Nucleus Gaming may seem simple at first glance, but it sure has a trick or two up its sleeve. Wilds, Expanding Syncing Reels, 243 win ways, and all the symbols help you win the top prize of $5,000. 

Be entranced by the bold cosmic graphics and galactic sound effects as you search for those high-paying symbols. 

Classic symbols in outer space never looked so cool! Play Hyper Galactic and journey to the stars!

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Hyper Galactic FAQs

Will The Wild Symbol Substitute For All Of The Game’s Symbols?

Yes, the Wild symbol in the Hyper Galactic slot will stand in for any other symbol.

Where Can I Find The Paytable In Hyper Galactic?

Simply head for the menu at the top left of the screen, represented by three horizontal lines.

Is There An Auto-Play Feature?

Yes, the Auto-Play feature can be found in the menu along with the Bet Options and Paytable.

Slots Paradise
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Amaya Williams
The offerings available are pretty valuable

Hyper Galactic has several bonus offers and features, and the offerings available are pretty valuable when you land combinations that can secure awesome winnings.

 by Cayden Cooper
Interesting combination of both fruit-themed and new space-themed video slots.

Interesting combination of both fruit-themed and new space-themed video slots. Unlike modern standards, creators have kept the design old school, which may interest some players.

 by Stella Nelson
Pretty simplistic design

Pretty simplistic design. The slots game is definitely user-friendly. One can just jump right in and start playing. Perfect for beginners, in my opinion.

 by Emmett Ross
The rules of the video slot are easy to understand

Simple graphics, along with some real winning possibilities. The rules of the video slot are easy to understand. I would recommend it to others.

 by Esme Ramos
I'm hoping to win a big prize playing it very soon

One can find some cool gaming features and bonuses in this video slot. I'm hoping to win a big prize playing it very soon.

 by William Murphy
If you are a space enthusiast, this slot is definitely for you

If you are a space enthusiast, this slot is definitely for you. I love the space theme, and the basic gaming options are quite useful to boost the chances of winning.

 by Gracie Brooks
“Out of this world”

Quite literally an “out of this world” video slot. It has some really fun features that can amplify your winnings. I'd suggest checking it out very soon.

 by Henry Gilbert
The design is simple but appealing

It may lack some standard bonus features, such as the free spins bonus round, but the available options fill in the gaps. The design is simple but appealing.

 by Dylan Diaz
The overall design of Hyper Galactic is cool

The overall design of Hyper Galactic is cool. It has a modern feel and the available gaming options provide chances of securing generous winnings.


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