Jolly Treasures Slot by Evoplay Entertainment

As we’ve come to expect over the years from Evoplay, the Jolly Treasures Slot boasts simply breathtaking visuals. However, this provider has crafted something truly unique here, as there is a standard reel set combined with an ongoing side game. This combination has many players intrigued, and understandably so.

Essentially, the main matrix lends itself to standard combinations with associated payouts. But the magical element is that every winning spin activates the side game, and this is where impressive multipliers, Free Spins, and much more can be earned. 

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How to Play the Jolly Treasures Slot

Don’t get too caught up in the unique presentation of a 3×3 matrix with an interactive side game. While this makes the gameplay a little different from some online slots, the same process is required to turn the reels. Simply pick a bet size and then hit the big button to start spinning.

Should your spin produce a win, the interactive board game will begin. It all happens on autopilot, so you can sit back and watch the show unfold, and this side game gets very exciting as you move through the three variables.

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Jolly Treasures Slot RTP and Variance

Although the stated RTP is 92%, it fluctuates due to various Jolly Treasures Slot elements. At its highest, the RTP can reach 96.20%. This is similar to other stimulating slots that you can discover in our game reviews. Further to that, the high variance rating suggests that big wins are a constant possibility.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Jolly Treasures slot online caters to all, from casual players to those who understand the high roller meaning, with a betting range that begins at a modest $0.10 and climbs all the way up to $75 for the more ambitious bets.

Symbol3 on a Payline
Double BAR1.20
Triple BAR1.50
Skull Coin10.00
Treasure Chest80.00

Jolly Treasures Slot Bonus Features

As you’ve no doubt gleaned from the setup of the Jolly Treasures slot, the features are all linked to the side game. When you grab a win in the base game, the camera will pan over to the board as the dice roll. There are three variables to determine here, including Free Spins, a Wild Reel, and multipliers.

As long as your character makes it around the board and assigns a value to each variable, you’ll secure the respective win from that combination.

Symbols and Gameplay

While the pirate setting might seem gloomy and mysterious, the music makes you feel like you’re heading away for a huge adventure. Of course, the dynamic background and constant switch between the matrix and the board game are engaging and unique. Since each win rolls the dice, there is always something to look forward to.


The Jolly Treasures slot game stands out as a unique fusion of video slot excitement and classic board game fun, offering a fresh twist on traditional online gaming. With its enticing theme of buried treasure and swashbuckling adventure, it beckons players to set sail on a quest for riches. Don your captain’s hat, take the helm, and let the Jolly Treasures slot guide you to where ‘X’ marks the spot for a chance to claim your very own trove of winnings.

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Jolly Treasures Slot FAQs

When Does The Interactive Treasure Map Become Active?

The interactive treasure map becomes active following each winning spin during the base game.

What Happens If I Unlock The Dead Man’s Chest During Free Spins?

If you are able to accomplish this, you will secure a 200x prize.

Can I Adjust The Speed Of The Gameplay Here?

Yes, you can turn on “Turbo Mode” to make the reels spin far faster than normal.

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