Journey to the West 2 Slot by TPG

TPG has built on the success of the original game with the release of Journey To The West 2 Slot. As you might recall, the original was a massive hit, and this one promises more of the same, and then some! 

While premium graphics are once again part of the offering, adaptations such as Enhanced Lightning features and progressive jackpots take this slot to new heights. Bear in mind these are the key changes, but there is so much more to fall in love with when you investigate further.

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How to Play the Journey to the West 2 Slot

Since the rules dictate that you must play with all 20 active paylines on the Journey To The West 2 Slot, this takes one variable out of the equation. It leaves a few choices to make before spinning the reels. The first relates to the total bet, which can be changed with the “-“ and “+” buttons under the respective label.

Of course, the second involves tapping the large “Play” button alongside the matrix. Finally, if you want to speed things up, there is a “Turbo” option.

Check out other gaming mechanics associated with the Journey to the West 2 slot via the “?” icon.

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Slot Secrets: Spinning Toward the Jackpot

Journey to the West 2 Slot RTP and Variance

One of the best elements of the Journey to the West 2 Slot Game is that the RTP is 97%. This is up there with some of the most valuable slots in the business, as you can find in our game reviews. As for the variance rating, it is rated as medium. 

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

As is fairly typical for TPG games, the betting range for Journey to the West 2 Slot online is pretty large, yet the minimum is rather high at $0.30. This extends to an enormous $60 as the game’s stated maximum.

Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Green Symbolx0.16x0.66x3.33
Red Symbolx0.16x0.66x3.33
Blue Symbolx0.16x0.66x3.33
Gold Symbolx0.16x0.66x3.33
Purple Symbolx0.33x1x5

Journey to the West 2 Slot Bonus Features

Ready to be blown away? The game comes with 3 progressive jackpots, Free Spins with up to 90 spins available at a time, and a Super Lightning cash collection feature. Each operates independently, but they combine to add a lot of value.

Symbols and Gameplay

As you might expect due to the Oriental theme, the respective symbols are of the Asian variety. These suit the setting perfectly, and the happy-looking characters are a nice touch too. However, as cool as these are to look at, the good vibes start to flow when the lively music kicks in.

This is part of every spin, so there is never a monotonous or dull moment.

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As far as adventure online slots go, the range of features and overall incentives in the Journey to the West 2 slot are tough to beat. With that said, be sure to sign up here and sample this epic title while the iron is hot.

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Journey to the West 2 Slot FAQs

What Is Required To Play For The Jackpots?

Nothing, as the jackpots are always in play no matter how much you bet.

Can I Play This Game On My Smartphone?

Yes, it has been designed to work perfectly on the latest smartphone devices.

What Is The Greatest Number Of Free Spins I Can Win At Once?

You can secure as many as 90 spins in one go if things go your way.

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