Mysterious Pyramid Slot Game

Imagine stepping into the golden sands of Egypt and unlocking the secrets of an age-old pyramid. The Mysterious Pyramid Slot game, a brilliant creation by the provider, KA Gaming, offers you this exact thrilling escapade. Enriched with vivid graphics, this game beautifully merges history, excitement, and opportunities to strike gold. Are you ready to channel your inner Cleopatra and delve into a world of mystique and riches? Spin your way to glory now!

How to Play Mysterious Pyramid Slot

The sands of Egypt beckon! Playing the Mysterious Pyramid Slot is both intuitive and engaging. Begin by setting your preferred bet amount. The game interface is easy to use with 12 clear betting options, from $0.30 to $30.00. Once your bet is placed in the “New Bet” button, spin the reels and watch as symbols of ancient Egyptian lore come alive. Land the right combination of these symbols, and you could unlock the pyramid’s treasures. As with any adventure, understanding the map – in this case, the game’s paytable – is essential. So, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules and symbol values.

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Mysterious Pyramid Slot RTP and Variance

The Mysterious Pyramid Slot stands tall in the vast desert of slots online with an impressive RTP of 96.05%. What’s more, with its medium variance, players can expect a balanced blend of smaller, frequent wins interspersed with the adrenaline-rush of bigger jackpots. Whether you’re a casual player or an avid gambler, this slot promises an enticing play experience.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Online bets on Mysterious Pyramid Slot range in a wide variety. Perfect for those who like to play it safe, and the high-rollers amongst us.

Symbol2 on a Payline3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Eye of Horus$1.00$10.00$100.00$500.00
King Tut$6.00$15.00$60.00$300.00
Heka and Nekhakha$2.00$5.00$25.00
Tomb of an Egyptian Scarab$2.00$5.00$25.00
Egyptian Painting$1.00$2.50$10.00
Egyptian Scarab$1.00$2.50$10.00
Egyptian Jug$0.20$0.50$2.50$10.00

Mysterious Pyramid Slot Bonus Features

Renowned for its excellence in slot design, KA Gaming showcases an array of captivating bonus features in their creations. Prominent among them is the revered Eye of Horus. This symbol isn’t just the crown jewel with an impressive 167x payout for landing 5 on a payline, but also acts as a Wild, stepping in for all other symbols bar the Scatters, thus amplifying win prospects.

Diving into Scatters, the appearance of King Tut icons on the reels is a sight for sore eyes. When you’re graced with 3, 4, or 5 of these King Tut Scatters, a generous 12 Free Spins unfurl as your prize. But there’s more – each of these Free Spins comes adorned with a tantalizing x3 multiplier. And, to sprinkle some more magic, any Wild that graces the reels during these spins gifts an additional 1x multiplier, cranking up the thrill meter. 

Yet, the Mysterious Pyramid is not just about its shimmering reels. It hides a beguiling Mini-Game titled the Mummys’ Tomb Bonus. This bonus, which springs up at random, takes players on an excursion to a realm of five cryptic tombs. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to reveal the concealed treasures within. Each tomb unveiled augments your balance with a lavish monetary gift. Tread carefully, though, for a lurking Mummy resides in one of these tombs, and its appearance concludes the bonus round. Through the lens of Mysterious Pyramid, KA Gaming presents a masterpiece, where Wilds shift the gameplay dynamics, Scatters are the keys to a kingdom of Free Spins laced with rich multipliers, and the Mummys’ Tomb Bonus is an enticing hunt for opulence. 

Symbols and Gameplay

If you step into the mesmerizing realm of ancient Egypt, a collection of intriguing symbols await. From the beguiling stone tablet and the enigmatic Bastet to the imposing Anubis, the enchanting portrait, the revered scarab beetle, and the exquisitely crafted vase, every symbol whisks you away on a journey through time, unveiling the deep-seated mysteries of this venerable civilization.

For amateurs of online slots with the magnificence of ancient Egypt, Mysterious Pyramid promises to be an instant classic. This game artfully marries the charm of its theme with dynamic gameplay, ensuring a riveting escapade every time you delve into this spellbinding digital world.


In a realm of countless online slots, the Mysterious Pyramid Slot online stands out like the majestic pyramids against Egypt’s horizon. The game promises an unparalleled blend of entertainment, immersion, and ample opportunities to win. Every spin, every symbol, and every bonus feature is meticulously crafted, ensuring you have an online casino experience fit for a queen. So, why wait? Dive into this historical journey and embrace the treasures that await!

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Mysterious Pyramid Slot FAQs

Can I try Mysterious Pyramid Slot before betting real money?

Certainly! Many casinos offer a “Demo” mode, letting you experience the game’s charm without any financial commitment.

Is the Mysterious Pyramid Slot game mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! You can delve into its mysteries anytime, anywhere.

What is the RTP of the Mysterious Pyramid Slot?

The game has a high RTP of 96.05%.

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