Phoenix Rising Slot Game

Dive into an exhilarating journey inspired by the iconic Phoenix from Chinese tales, a bird that eternally rises from its ashes. Every spin of the Phoenix Rising slot brings renewed excitement, much like the bird’s timeless rebirth. Crafted meticulously by KA Gaming, this slot boasts pristine graphics and intricate designs, a hallmark of the provider. As the Phoenix flutters its wings in the game, it bestows upon you serenity and fortune, reminiscent of ancient legends.

How to Play Phoenix Rising Slot

The Phoenix Rising slot machine is set against the timeless structure of a 3×3 reel layout, with eight definitive pay lines guiding your wins. These pay lines remain consistent, ensuring your focus is purely on selecting your stake, initiated by tapping on ‘New Bet’. You have the liberty to pick from 15 distinct bet tiers, catering to players with varied budget preferences.

Once you’ve zeroed in on your bet, or opted for ‘Max Bet’ to maximize your stake, the ‘Play’ button awaits your command. For those always on the move, a long press on the ‘Play’ button unveils the ‘Autospin’ feature. Here, you can set the reels in motion for up to 200 times or even opt for endless spins.

Securing a win is straightforward: any successful alignment from left to right on the eight pay lines grants you a payout, calculated as your total bet divided by eight. With the layout, you’re aiming to match a trio of symbols for that winning sensation.

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Phoenix Rising Slot RTP and Variance

The Phoenix Rising Slot promises an RTP of 96% that competes with the best in the industry, offering players a generous return on their investment. The game’s medium variance is like the flight of the phoenix – a mix of highs and lows, ensuring both frequent rewards and the thrill of a bigger, rarer catch. It’s a balanced dance of small joys and hefty treasures.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Phoenix Rising Slot offers a variety of bet sizes between $0.08 and $40, catering to both cautious spinners and the bold. Here’s a glance at the paytable:

Symbol1 on a Payline2 on a Payline3 on a Payline
Green Staff$10.00
Red Flower$5.00
Ancient Coins$2.50
Red Gem$1.50
Yellow Gem$1.25
Purple Gem$1.00
Green Gem$0.75
Blue Gem$0.50

Phoenix Rising Slot Bonus Features

The bonuses are genuinely awe-inspiring in terms of their quality. The illustrious Phoenix Feather acts as the Respin icon and has the freedom to grace any part of the reels. When this symbol makes an appearance, it triggers a respin right where it landed. This feature is as close as it gets to the coveted Phoenix Rising Free Spins.

Additionally, the Randomizer Box presents the opportunity for Random Multipliers. Every spin prompts the Box to produce a symbol accompanied by a Multiplier. Should you match this symbol on the reels, the corresponding Multiplier Value is yours for the taking. Remember, each pay line will only have its winnings multiplied once.

Symbols and Gameplay

As you venture into the world of Phoenix Rising slot online, be prepared to encounter beautifully crafted symbols, a testament to KA Gaming’s impeccable design prowess and their commitment to lavish rewards.

Starting with the low-tier symbols, the vibrant gems catch the eye. The Blue Gem, shimmering in its elegance, rewards you with 10x your line bet for a trio on a pay line. Followed by the Green Gem, which gracefully presents a 15x line stake payout.

The Purple Gem dazzles with a 20x reward, whereas the Yellow Gem shines brighter with a 25x bet per line for a trio on a pay line.

Ascend further and the Red Gem bestows a 30x line bet when you align three. Ancient Coins, bearing tales of yore, up the ante by gifting a generous 50x stake per line.

The enchanting Flower blooms with a 100x reward, while the mystical Green Staff triples the excitement with a 200x line bet for three in a row.

However, the real star is the Phoenix symbol, blazing with a whopping 500x line bet reward for a trio across pay lines. What’s more, it even graciously rewards for solitary or a pair on the reels. The Phoenix Feather stands out as a distinctive symbol, but players should note the absence of Wilds and Scatters.


Phoenix Rising Slot by KA Gaming beautifully marries aesthetics with gameplay, weaving an experience that’s both visually entrancing and lucratively rewarding. A must-try for every player looking to relive the legend of the phoenix in a realm of spins and jackpots.

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Phoenix Rising Slot FAQs

Are there any special symbols in the Phoenix Rising slot?

Yes, the Phoenix Feather is a special symbol in the game. However, players should be aware that the game does not feature any Wilds or Scatters.

Is there a mobile version of the Phoenix Rising Slot online?

Yes, the game is adaptive to various devices ensuring a smooth gameplay experience on the go.

Is Phoenix Rising Slot suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Its user-friendly interface and clear instructions make it a hit among novices.

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