Potion Spells Slot Game

Potion Spells Slot Game

Immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of Potion Spells Slot, a masterful creation by the illustrious provider, Bgaming. With graphics that can only be termed as spellbinding and gameplay that resonates with every enchantress’s soul, this slot game is a celebration of magic and mysteries. Its entrancing visuals paired with an evocative soundtrack promises a mesmerizing journey for its players. So, step into this magical realm where potion bottles glisten and cauldrons bubble. Isn’t it time to spin the magic into reality? Come, let’s brew some wins!

How to Play Potion Spells Slot

The Potion Spells slot is seamlessly adaptable to mobile platforms, working flawlessly on iOS, Windows, and Android gadgets. The slot operates on a 7×7 grid, which replenishes every time you secure a cluster victory. A win is yours when you align 5 or more identical symbols either horizontally or vertically, causing the winning symbols to burst and vanish from view.

To adjust your stakes in the Potion Spells slot, utilize the Up and Down arrows. Once you’ve settled on an appropriate bet, either tap on Spin or simply press the Spacebar on your keyboard to get the reels moving. For those in a hurry, long-press the Spin to engage quick spins or toggle this feature on within the game’s settings.

Furthermore, the slot comes equipped with a sophisticated Autoplay option, allowing the reels to spin uninterrupted for multiple rounds. If you’re curious about payouts or need assistance, the information (i) icon will guide you to the paytable and help sections.

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Potion Spells Slot RTP and Variance

Every enchantress deserves to know her odds. Potion Spells Slot offers an alluring RTP (Return to Player) of 96.25%. The game’s high variance means it perfectly balances regular smaller payouts with those rare, but massive, jackpot moments. Ideal for those who crave both consistency and the thrill of a big win.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Potion Spells Slot game caters to every enchantress, from the cautious novice to the daring sorceress. With bet sizes ranging from $0.20 to $20, the average-betting players will find this game ideal.

Green & Red potionsx0.15x0.20x0.40x0.60x0.80x1.00x3.00x10.00
Purple & Blue potionsx0.10x0.15x0.20x0.30x0.60x0.80x1.00x3.00

Note: Wins depend on bet sizes.

Potion Spells Slot Bonus Features

The Potion Spells slot is imbued with distinctive bonuses that amplify the thrill of your gaming journey.

Progress Bar Dynamics: Every victory symbol contributes a point to the progress bar, starting with 100 points which correspond to four magical potion flasks. As you garner winning symbols, the bar’s tally diminishes. Once you amass 25 symbols, one of the flasks overturns, unlocking an added feature. Among the initial quartet of these features, you’ll find:

  • Detonation: Where 3-6 symbols morph into wilds, annihilating four adjacent icons.
  • Promotion: A chosen symbol and its duplicates transform into a consistent set of symbols.
  • Separation: A wild graces the reel’s center, with its diagonal comrades becoming a randomly selected symbol—though wilds remain unaffected.
  • Reduction: The screen gets purged of all low-yielding symbols, sans any payout.
  • Second Chance Magic
  • In any spin that doesn’t result in a win, a random assortment of symbols might turn wild, leading to a recalculation of the win. This particular feature of Potion Spells can fragment any large symbol.

The Enchanted Pot: The real magic unfolds when the progress bar hits zero. This triggers the emergence of a 3×3 wild. Upon its second appearance, it diverges into two 2×2 wilds, and by the third, it disperses into a total of nine wilds. Any victorious wilds then vanish.

Majestic Symbols: When four like symbols unite adjacent to one another, crafting a square, they amalgamate into a grand 2×2 symbol. If this colossal symbol is part of a winning streak, your rewards double. When multiple grand symbols converge in a rewarding sequence, their multipliers compound, enhancing your overall win. However, this particular bonus sidesteps wilds.

Luminous Symbol: After every spin, a random set of low-yielding symbols may begin to glow. If these luminescent symbols are part of a winning cluster, they dissolve, making way for two wild replacements.

Purchase-Powered Feature: For those eager to get straight to the magic, the Pot feature can be instantly accessed by opting for the Buy Bonus at 100 times the bet. It’s worth noting that games initiated through this purchase boast a Potion Spells RTP of 96.02%.

Symbols and Gameplay

The symbols in Potion Spells Slot online are colorful potion vials. In any given round of the Potion Spells slot, as many as 9 different symbols might grace the reels. If fortune smiles upon you, you might witness a group of 5 or more identical symbols aligning either vertically or horizontally, culminating in a winning cluster. To delve deeper into the intricacies of payouts, it’s wise to reference the game’s paytable or the informational pages. It’s worth noting that the prize table flexibly adjusts in response to your chosen bet.

For modest rewards ranging from 0.1x to 10x your current wager, keep an eye out for the Potion Bottles in shades of Blue, Purple, Red, and Green. On the more lucrative end of the spectrum, the high-value symbols include an Eye, a Feather, a Mushroom, and a Frog. Amassing 15 or more of these symbols will line your pockets with 75, 150, 300, or 750 times your stake, in the order mentioned.

The letter “W” inscribed on a scroll represents the wild, substituting for all other symbols. However, it’s immune to the effects of the four special features. Continue on to the subsequent segment of our Potion Spells slot breakdown to unearth the tantalizing bonus specifics.


Crafted with care and magic by Bgaming, Potion Spells Slot is more than just a game. It’s an ode to every player who believes in magic, both in the game and in life. With its heady mix of captivating visuals, alluring gameplay, and tantalizing chances to win, it’s a siren’s call for all looking for a touch of enchantment. So, here’s the final call – Ready to brew some magic?

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Potion Spells Slot FAQs

Is there a strategy to increase my wins in Potion Spells Slot?

While slots primarily rely on luck, understanding the game’s features, symbols, and betting wisely can enhance your gameplay experience.

What is the top prize in Potion Spells slot?

The maximum win in the game is x12000.

Can I play Potion Spells Slot on mobile?

Absolutely! The game is optimized for both desktop and mobile play. Brew potions on the go!

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