Rich Granny Slot Game

In the heart of Slots Paradise the enchanting allure of Rich Granny Slot awaits. Crafted meticulously by the mastermind provider, Gamzix, this slot game goes beyond mere spins and wins. It’s a portal to an era of grandeur, a reminiscent journey into the glamourous days of the past. With every spin, feel the sophisticated ambience of vintage luxury. So, ladies, shall we roll back time while aiming for those golden jackpots?

How to Play Rich Granny Slot

Before you immerse yourself, the Rich Granny Slot game review is here to tell you how to win.

To start your game, you can either press and hold the play symbol or tap on the coins icon to adjust your wager. Want to set those reels in motion? Simply hit the spin button. And if you’re ever feeling impatient, you can halt the spinning reels anytime by clicking on the square stop button.

For those who prefer a hands-off approach, there’s an auto-spin feature waiting for you. Access it by clicking on the smaller play button. Within this feature, you’re at liberty to select a series of automatic spins, ranging from 15 all the way to 100.

Now, let’s talk about symbols. The wild icon is your versatile ally, standing in for every other symbol, with the sole exception of the scatter bonus. When it comes to calculating your wins, remember they are tallied from left to right on adjacent reels. However, scatter symbols play by their own rules and can be counted regardless of their position. And here’s a tip: only the most lucrative win on each line will be credited to you.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? You also have the option to purchase three distinct levels of the bonus game. Just click on the top left corner, and the gateway to bigger thrills opens up!

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Rich Granny Slot RTP and Variance

Rich Granny Slot online promises more than just ornate graphics and elegant charm. Boasting an RTP of 96%, it signifies competitive odds in favor of the player. But, that’s not all. Accompanied by a high variance, it means while wins might come less frequently, when they do, they tend to be more substantial. This blend of solid RTP with high volatility makes every spin in the Rich Granny Slot a thrilling dance between risk and potential grand rewards.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Rich Granny Slot game caters to players of all budgets. With a bet size starting as low as $0.10, it welcomes those looking for minimal stakes. However, for the daring souls, the stakes can be raised, going up to $20.

In terms of rewards, the allure is undeniably tempting. The game offers a maximum payout of 40,000x, transforming a simple spin into a potential fortune. Take a look at the paytable:

Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Purple Granny$1.00$7.50$50.00
Blue Granny$1.00$6.25$37.50
Orange Granny$0.75$5.00$25.00
Green Granny$0.75$3.75$12.50
Postal Trolley$0.75$2.50$10.00

Rich Granny Slot Bonus Features

Exclusivity drips from every bonus feature of the Rich Granny Slot game. 

In the Bonus game landing 3 scatter symbols grants you a coveted bonus play. But that’s just the beginning. Secure 4 scatters, and you’re treated to a bonus play with an extra reel. And for those who strike gold with 5 scatters, a bonus play with two additional reels awaits.

Initiate the Robbery Bonus Game feature by landing 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the spinning canvas. As you start, you’re presented with 3 respins to boost the anticipation. This game is a treasure trove of distinctive symbols. The multiplier, when revealed, can showcase values between 1x to 6x. Our Shooting Granny springs a surprise by revealing a random value and adding it to every symbol gracing the reels. Then comes the Collector, a crafty granny armed with magnets, who discloses a random value and accumulates all the visible values on the reels. If luck has you collecting 3 safety pins, you’ll unlock an extra row. Scoop up 3 hearts, and you earn an additional respin. And, for those who encounter the explosive TNT symbol, another row is promptly unblocked.

In the Granny’s Letters feature, Granny sporadically blesses the board. On any unpredictable spin, she might scatter anywhere between 1 to 5 wilds, increasing the odds of a lucrative combination.

Symbols and Gameplay

The game boasts 10 standard icons on its paytable. Central to the theme are four endearing grannies, each adorned in distinctively colored attire: purple, blue, orange, and green. Accompanying them are thematic symbols: a postal trolley and a mailbox, evoking the charm of yesteryears. Furthermore, complementing this ensemble are the top four playing card icons, seamlessly blending with the game’s aesthetic. The wild symbol, taking the form of an airmail letter, adds a touch of nostalgia, while the bonus symbol, portrayed by a dog, introduces an element of surprise and anticipation.


In the vast world of online slots, the Rich Granny Slot stands out, exuding a sense of nostalgia and luxury. Tailored for our sophisticated ladies at Slots Paradise, it promises a blend of exciting gameplay, rewarding bonuses, and a touch of vintage charm. Ready to dive in?

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Rich Granny Slot FAQs

Can I play the Rich Granny Slot on mobile?

Certainly! The game is optimized for mobile play, ensuring you enjoy it on the go.

What is the maximum win potential of this slot?

The Rich Granny Slot offers impressive payouts, with the potential to secure up to 40,000x your stake!

Who is the provider of the Rich Granny Slot?

The game is a masterpiece designed by the esteemed provider, Gamzix.

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