Robin the Rewarding Slot Game

Robin the Rewarding Slot Game

Ready to embark on a medieval escapade? Robin the Rewarding Slot game brought to you by the masterminds at Blue Whale is where the legend of Robin Hood comes alive on reels. Featuring rich graphics and enticing sounds, you’ll be transported to Sherwood Forest in the blink of an eye. Dive into a realm where each spin holds potential treasures and experience unexpected turns. Fancy joining Robin and his band of merry men? Brace yourself, because a world of rewards awaits!

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How to Play Robin the Rewarding Slot

Unleashing the power of Robin the Rewarding Slot online is super straightforward, yet immensely satisfying. Begin by selecting your bet size; there’s a range to suit every player. Once set, give that spin button a good tap, and voila! Watch the symbols dance on the reels, and if fortune favors you, you might witness Robin himself gifting you hefty rewards. And a golden tip: the wild symbols are the key to the most exhilarating bonus rounds! So, keep those eyes peeled.

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Robin the Rewarding Slot RTP and Variance

The game comes with an RTP of 94%. This essentially means that for every $100 you bet, you can expect an average return of around $94. But remember, online slots are unpredictable, and this figure is an average estimation over a longer play session. Alongside this, the medium variance ensures a harmonious blend of wins. While you’ll encounter frequent smaller payouts, there’s also a chance to stumble upon those sought-after bigger rewards. So, every spin holds a sprinkle of anticipation and surprise!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Diving into Robin the Rewarding Slot game, players are greeted with flexible bet options. Whether you’re budget-conscious or seeking bigger thrills, the betting range from $0.05 to $50 per spin caters to all. Adjust according to your strategy and see what Robin has in store!

Symbol3 on a Payline
King Richard + Wild30
King Richard20
Queen 15
Friar Tuck8
Lady Marian6
Gold coins 4
Piece of meat3
Bread with a mug of beer2

Robin the Rewarding Slot Bonus Features

  • Sticky Wild: Robin Hood himself graces the game as the sticky wild symbol. When he appears, he remains in place for subsequent spins, enhancing the odds of scoring winning combinations.
  • Multipliers Reel: An additional special reel can boost your winnings with multipliers. Every win can potentially be multiplied by up to x25.
  • Free Spins Reel: Yet another special reel in the game rewards players with free spins. With every spin, there’s a chance to gain up to 5 additional free spins.

Symbols and Gameplay

Within this Sherwood-themed world, players will encounter a myriad of symbols, ranging from the rustic—like a piece of meat, gold coins, and a bread with a mug of beer—to characters deeply rooted in the legend, including Lady Marian, a soldier, Friar Tuck, King Richard, and the Queen. Adding to the game’s allure, the valiant Robin Hood takes the stage as the wild icon, filling in for any absent regular symbols. And when Robin positions himself in the center, he can stand his ground as a sticky symbol, holding his place for another spin, amplifying the anticipation of the game.


Robin the Rewarding Slot game is more than just another slot game. It’s a rendezvous with history, a thrilling adventure, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Its balance of engaging graphics, compelling gameplay, and generous bonuses makes it a standout. Whether a novice or a seasoned slot enthusiast, this game promises an unmatched online casino experience. So, why wait? Journey to Sherwood and spin your way to glory!

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Robin the Rewarding Slot FAQs

Does Robin the Rewarding Slot online have an autoplay feature?

Yes! If you prefer a hands-free approach, the game offers an autoplay feature where you can set the number of spins.

Can I play Robin the Rewarding Slot online on mobile devices?

Absolutely! The game is optimized for both desktop and mobile gameplay.

What are the key bonus features in the game?

Look out for multipliers, free spins, and the sticky wild for extra rewards!

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