Sold It Bonus Buy Slot Game

Are you ready for a whirlwind of entertainment? Enter the electrifying universe of Sold It Bonus Buy Slot game, a true masterpiece crafted by the iconic provider, Evoplay Entertainment. Its graphical prowess combined with state-of-the-art mechanics promises a slot experience like no other. With each spin, you embark on a thrilling journey that merges fun with ample winning opportunities. So, why wait? Dive in, and let’s get those reels spinning!

How to Play Sold It Bonus Buy Slot

Ready to dive into the action? In the Sold It Bonus Buy slot game, it all kicks off when players tap on the striking red gemstone adorned with a yellow arrow, situated right below the center reel. Once you do, the 5-reel, 3-row framework springs to life in a captivating spin. Fine-tuning your total bet is a breeze – just head over to the dedicated ‘bet’ section.

For those who enjoy a hands-free gaming experience, there’s an intricate autospin function just waiting to be explored, located under the play icon. Want a deep dive into the game’s nitty-gritty? By clicking on the bullet points or the triple line icon, you’ll get a gateway to the paytable, comprehensive game rules, and customizable settings.

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Sold It Bonus Buy Slot RTP and Variance

Diving into the numbers, the Sold It Bonus Buy Slot showcases an RTP of 96.16%. This suggests a good return on wagers over an extended play. Its unique low-high volatility promises regular minor payouts while still holding the allure of occasional big wins. It’s a balanced blend of predictability and thrilling unpredictability with every spin!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In the vibrant landscape of online casino games, Sold It Bonus Buy Slot stands out. Bets range from a modest $0.10 to a bolder $50, catering to all players. The icing on the cake? A chance to pocket a whopping $265,200 with the right spin!

Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Jade cat statuex1x3x8
Blue chestx0.7x2x5
Gold coinx0.5x1.2x2.5
Bronze coinx0.5x1.2x2.5
Copper coinx0.5x1.2x2.5
Silver coinx0.5x1.2x2.5

Sold It Bonus Buy Slot Bonus Features

  • Wild Bidders: A standout feature, this game boasts not one, but four Wild Bidders symbols. They pop up on all reels except the third. Acting as wilds, they substitute for standard symbols. When the reels halt, these Wilds unveil multipliers, enhancing wins when part of a combination. The cherry on top? If multiple Wilds appear, their multipliers accumulate!
  • Wild Multiplier: Kicking off every game is a x1 Wild Multiplier on the left. For each new Wild Bidder, this value jumps up by +1.
  • Antique Free Spins: Initiating Antique Free Spins turns the triggering Wild Bidders sticky, each starting with a x1 multiplier. Subsequent Wild Bidders not only become sticky but also ramp up their multiplier by +1 from the highest. And any Scatter on the 3rd reel? That boosts all Wild multipliers on screen by 1.
  • Bonus Buy: Fancy an instant thrill? Buy 8 Free Spins with preset Wilds for the Antique Free Spins round. Costs are set based on your bet, amplified by specific multipliers: 33x for a Wild on reel 1, 75x for reels 2 and 4, 128x for reels 2, 4, and 5, and a whopping 300x for reels 1, 2, 4, and 5.

Symbols and Gameplay

The game dazzles with a unique mix of symbols. Among its thirteen icons, eight are standard, with some rewarding players for just two matches on a payline. The vintage-themed low-value symbols include Silver, Copper, Bronze, and Gold coins. On the higher end, the game features enticing symbols like the blue Chest, a Gramophone, jade Cat statue, and a classic Vase, each offering promising returns on winning spins.


In the vast universe of online slots, the Sold It Bonus Buy Slot online stands out, and rightly so. With its myriad features and impeccable design by Evoplay Entertainment, it’s a must-try for all slot enthusiasts.

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Sold It Bonus Buy Slot FAQs

How does the Bonus Buy feature work in the Sold It Bonus Buy Slot?

The Bonus Buy feature lets you purchase and instantly activate 8 Free Spins with predetermined Wilds for the Antique Free Spins round. The cost is based on your current bet and multiplied by specific coefficients, varying based on the positioning of the initial Sticky Wilds on the reels.

How many paylines does the Sold It Bonus Buy Slot have?

The Sold It Bonus Buy Slot boasts a total of 10 paylines, offering various ways for players to land winning combinations.

Can I try out the Sold It Bonus Buy Slot in a demo mode?

Absolutely! The game offers a demo mode, allowing players to get a feel for its features and gameplay before committing with real money.

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