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Spinfinity Man Slot Game

Spinfinity Man Slot Game

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Spinfinity Man slot, the Betsoft Gaming superhero that you didn’t know you needed! Just like the Man of Steel, this city-saving superhuman has several superpowers and he has a vast metropolis crying out for his help.

It’s one of the most unique online slots in Betsoft’s innovative catalog, and you can play it right now!

How to Play Spinfinity Man Slot

The Spinfinity Man slot works a little differently from regular slots. You still change your stake (use the “+” and “-“ symbols at the bottom of the game screen) as you usually would, but there are no traditional paylines.

Instead, Spinfinity Man uses something known as Cluster Pays. When matching symbols cluster together, you win. And you need four of a single type to win.

Spinfinity Man employs a Cascading Reels/Cluster Wins feature, making all winning symbols vanish, leaving a hole filled by falling symbols above.

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Spinfinity Man RTP and Variance

Spinfinity Man has an RTP of 95.8% and a variance that is medium to high. It’s also one of those slots that feels more active than it is due to the packed reels and the combination of Cluster Wins, Free Spins, and randomly-activated features.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Rainbow Diamonds2.40x3.00x4.00x120.00x180.00x400.00x600.00x5000.00x
Orange Gem1.60x2.00x3.00x80.00x120.00300.00x400.00x2000.00x
Purple Gem 1.20x1.50x2.10x60.00x100.00x240.00x360.00x480.00x
Blue Gem 1.20x1.50x2.10x60.00x100.00x240.00x360.00x480.00x

Spinfinity Man Bonus Features

This game has some impressive powers, and these convert into several intriguing bonus features. One of these will activate at random when the Spinfinity Man symbol appears on the reels:

  • Laser Eye Beam: 2 rows OR columns are burned away.
    • Double Laser Eye Beam: 2 rows AND 2 columns are burned away.
  • Icy Blast: All symbols within 1 cell of Spinfinity Man are shattered.
    • Double Icy Blast: As above, but within 2 cells.
  • Telepathy: All symbols of a single type are removed from the reels.

And that’s not all. Every good superhero needs an excited fan and a villain, and Spinfinity Man has those as well. The Fan Girl Fame feature activates the following 5 cluster wins and returns an instant win. The Catch Mr. X feature tasks our eponymous hero with stopping his arch-nemesis in a Free Spin bonus round.

These Free Spins are triggered when the meter to the right of the reels is filled, with every Mr. X symbol advancing it forward. There are 10 spins in total, with additional Mr. X symbols rewarding extra spins.

During the main feature, all of Spinfinity Man’s powers are converted into Mr. X’s attacks, but the effects remain the same.

Symbols and Gameplay

With his cape and his underpants worn over his trousers, the Spinfinity Man slots game brings to mind images of Superman, the Last Son of Krypton. But the glossy 3D animation has more of a Pixar vibe. It makes for an interesting and eye-catching blend, one that is bolstered by the addition of a massive game reel that spans 7 rows and 7 columns.

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Spinfinity Man is a rare treat of a slot that takes players on a modern adventure into a fictional world. It’s one of the few superhero slots that isn’t based on a license from a major comic publisher, one that has been created especially for the game. That has given Betsoft more freedom and they have used every inch of that freedom.

It’s one of the best-looking slots you will find, and it has the features and mechanics needed to elevate those aesthetics to the next level.

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Spinfinity Man FAQs

Is Spinfinity Man A Licensed Slot?

Unlike many other superhero slots, Spinfinity Man is not based on a popular comic book or movie hero. He is Betsoft’s own creation.

What is the Maximum Win on Spinfinity Man?

The maximum win is 5,038x.

What is the Spinfinity Man RTP?

Spinfinity Man’s RTP is 95.8%.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jose Hughes
I’ve always been a Spiderman fan

I’ve always been a Spiderman fan but after playing Spinfinity Man, I’m considering a change of heart because this game is comedic and filled with lots of fun.

 by Brain Baker
For the best mobile experience

For the best mobile experience, make sure you have 14.5MB of download space and it’s perfect for screen resolution sizes of at least 960X540.

 by Sophia Hall
You have the cascading clusters

No experienced player can pass this game without bragging about its bonus features. You have the cascading clusters, power combos, fan girl feature, free spins, and double up feature.

 by Karen Johnson
It’s a decent slot game

It’s a decent slot game that I believe is great, especially for beginners. Plus. it has a safe betting range.

 by Jessica Mitchell
I’m a huge fan

I’m a huge fan of cluster online slot games and I was presently surprised that Betsoft actually has one. I look forward to bagging my wins soon.

 by Amy Bell
This game is so entertaining

This game is so entertaining. I love the game’s symbols. They go so well with the theme of the game with power crystals and traditional card decks.

 by Dennis Morgan
I’m thoroughly enjoying

I’m thoroughly enjoying the exciting action features and I hope to one day win its decent maximum win of up to 5,600X my stake.

 by Jose Price
I love playing my slots

I love playing my slots on my desktop but it’s a bonus that I can play Spinfinity Man on my smartphone when I’m on the go.

 by Jacob Collins
I really like that

You really can’t help but be blown away by the 3D graphics. There’s just something about the soundtrack that really builds this thrilling anticipation of what’s to come and I really like that.

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Superhero-Themed Slot
7×7 Game Reels
Stylish Animations
Several Bonus Features
95.8% RTP
5,038x Max Win