Sugar Pop Slot Game

The Sugar Pop slot game is far from your average video slot. It has been given a little added magic courtesy of the development team at Betsoft. This is obvious from the moment those sugary reels are loaded up and ready to be spun.

Running alongside this 5×5 grid structure, there are level-up incentives, special symbols to unlock, and plenty of top-tier bonuses. Even if you’re not a fan of candy, you might want to make an exception for this one.

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How to Play the Sugar Pop Slot

The best way to become familiar with how the Sugar Pop Slot works is to take a few spins on the Sugar Pop demo. Do this and you’ll soon understand how the base controls operate and how to use the optional buttons. With this in mind, there’s only the “Coin Size” to worry about before spinning the reels. 

Beyond that, you can activate “Auto-Play” or jump straight in with the maximum wager. As you can see, it’s pretty easy to take this game for a ride.

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Sugar Pop Slot RTP and Variance

The Sugar Pop slot game has a high variance rating. This means that you may experience prolonged periods without winning much, only for singular spins to reveal huge payouts. As for the RTP, it is much higher than people might think at 97.30%. 

Learn more about the high roller meaning so you can put these RTP values in your favor!

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

If you have the financial means, you can wager $250 per spin, which is enormous. But at the other end of the betting range, reels can be turned for just 2 cents.

Symbol2 on a Payline3+ on a Payline
Pink CandyX4x
Purple CandyX6x
Orange CandyX8x
Yellow CandyX10x
Green CandyX12x
Blue CandyX15x
Red CandyX20x

Sugar Pop Slot Bonus Features

Technically speaking, the Sugar Pop slot game has three features. The most active of these is the Popping Candy feature, otherwise known as Cascading Reels. With this feature, winning combinations of 3 or more candies will burst to make space for new symbols from above. 

Each time you spin the reels here, you will accumulate points toward the second bonus feature. You can potentially progress through 20 levels with this feature. It unlocks special symbols that have unique functions, and this serves as the third bonus feature.

Due to their special abilities, this helps to considerably bolster your returns.

Symbols and Gameplay

It’s difficult not to be entranced by this candy-chomping wonderland. There’s so much happening with each spin that you need the added sugar just to keep up! Sure, some might argue that the base game symbols are lacking in creativity, but the Level-Up feature more than compensates for that.

As for the gameplay, on the whole, we believe that Betsoft has done a fantastic job with the Sugar Pop slot game. We even love the upbeat music that plays as you shift through the endless stream of sugary treats.

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Betsoft is a provider that obviously understands how to create casino games that stimulate the senses. It is vibrant and exploding with unique features, and we cannot fault the potential payouts. We just hope that you’ve got the appetite to consume candy at the rate required for top rewards to flow.

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Sugar Pop Slot FAQs

How Do You Progress Through The Levels?

You move through the levels by scoring points with each spin.

How Many Paylines Does This Game Have?

Despite its large grid pattern, the stated number of paylines is just one.

Do Cascading Reels Continue Indefinitely?

Yes. Fresh symbols will keep coming until you fail to form a winning combination.

Slots Paradise
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Nathan Cooper
The cascading reels

Sugar Pop is a sweet and addictive slot game! The colorful graphics and cute candy symbols make it visually appealing. The cascading reels and level progression keep the excitement going. Highly recommended!

 by Sophia Evans
Sugar Pop is a treat for the senses

Sugar Pop is a treat for the senses! The colorful candies and delightful animations make every spin enjoyable. The special features, like the candy bomb, add an element of surprise. It's a game that brings joy and big wins!

 by Lucas Reed
I'm hooked on Sugar Pop

I'm hooked on Sugar Pop! The graphics are deliciously tempting, and the gameplay is engaging. The leveling system adds an extra layer of excitement, and the variety of special candies keeps things interesting. Love it!

 by Madison Turner
The vibrant visuals and lively animations create a cheerful atmosphere

Sugar Pop is a sugary delight! The vibrant visuals and lively animations create a cheerful atmosphere. The gameplay is smooth, and the bonus features offer plenty of winning opportunities. Five stars!

 by Gabriel Mitchell
Sugar Pop is a sugar-coated adventure

Sugar Pop is a sugar-coated adventure! The graphics are eye-catching, and the candy symbols are so much fun. The special candies and bonus features add excitement, and the potential for big wins is thrilling. Don't miss out on this sweet slot game!

 by Emily Thompson
The unique combination of a match-three game

Sugar Pop is a sugary paradise! The visuals are bright and charming, and the gameplay is smooth. The unique combination of a match-three game with a slot game makes it a refreshing and rewarding experience. Highly recommended!

 by Lily Morgan
Five stars all the way

Sugar Pop is my guilty pleasure! The adorable candy-themed graphics and the delightful sound effects create a delightful gaming experience. The bonus features are exciting, and the winnings are satisfying. Five stars all the way!

 by Isaac Campbell
Sugar Pop is a burst of sweetness

Sugar Pop is a burst of sweetness! The graphics are vibrant, and the gameplay is smooth. The unique cluster pays mechanic and the progression through different levels make it a standout among slot games. Highly recommend!

 by Benjamin Wright
The level-based progression keeps me engaged

Sugar Pop is a delightful slot game that satisfies my sweet tooth! The graphics are mouthwatering, and the gameplay is addictive. The level-based progression keeps me engaged, and the bonus candies bring big rewards. Love it!

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