Tao Slot Game

Dive into the mystical world of Tao Slot, one of the many free slots no download required by KA Gaming that takes you on a journey through the rich tapestry of ancient Asian culture. With a 5×3 reel layout and 40 paylines, Tao offers a harmonious balance of beautiful visuals and rewarding gameplay. The standard RTP ensures that you’re in for a fair and rewarding experience, while its low variance promises frequent wins. So, why wait? Step into the Tao Slot online at Slots Paradise Casino and let your quest for fortune begin!

How to Play Tao Slot

As soon as the game loads, a betting menu will appear, allowing you to choose your preferred stake. If you wish to adjust your bet at any time, simply click the ‘New Bet’ button located beneath the reels. For those looking to place the highest possible wager instantly, the ‘Max Bet’ button is your go-to option.

Furthermore, you can initiate each spin manually using the spin button, or hold the space bar for autospin. Before you start spinning, press the ‘i’ button found in other casino games, to view the paytable, rules, and information on bonus features.

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Tao Slot RTP and Variance

Tao Slot boasts an RTP of 96%, a standard value among many KA Gaming online slots. This, combined with its low variance, means players can expect a steady flow of wins.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Tao’s bet sizes range from a minimum of $0.40 to a maximum of $40 per spin. The game’s paytable offers diverse win potentials across different symbols, ensuring that each spin can lead to big outcomes for all types of online casino players.

Payouts based on a $4 bet.

Symbol2 on a Payline3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Blue Statue$0.20$6$10$20
Golden Lamp$0.20$5$10$20
Golden Dragon$0.20$5$7.50$15
Feathers Crown$3$5$10
Golden Stick$1.50$2.50$5
Purple Lamp$1$1.50$2.50
Jade Charm$0.50$1.50$2.50
Chinese Hieroglyphs$0.50$1$2

Tao Slot Bonus Features

  1. The Elements: With every spin, an element symbol emerges from the cauldron on the right side of the reels. Any symbol displaying a matching element in its top right corner transforms into a Wild, enhancing winning possibilities.
  2. Scatter: Landing matching Scatter symbols triggers free spins, offering players additional chances to win without placing extra bets.
  3. Wild: Acts as a substitute for all other symbols, excluding the Scatter, facilitating easier formation of winning combinations.

Symbols and Gameplay

In Tao Slot, the gameplay is enriched by a variety of symbols, each with its own value. High-paying symbols include the Scatter, Wild, Blue Statue, Golden Lamp, Golden Dragon, Umbrella, and Feathers Crown, which offer the most substantial rewards when aligned. On the other hand, lower payouts come from symbols like Papers, Golden Stick, Purple Lamp, Jade Charm, Chinese Hieroglyphs, and Papyrus. 


The Tao Slot game by KA Gaming is a splendid online slot that offers both visual appeal and rewarding gameplay. With its well-crafted theme, RTP, and exciting bonus features, it stands out as a must-try for slot enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to its beautiful Asian theme or the prospect of frequent wins thanks to its low variance, Tao is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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Tao Slot FAQs

What is the minimum bet in Tao?

The minimum bet in the game is $0.40 per spin.

Can I win free spins in Tao?

Yes, matching Scatter symbols triggers free spins.

Does Tao have a Wild symbol?

Yes, it features a Wild that substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter.

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