Terror Strike Slot Game

Terror Strike Slot is one of the newest releases from Cyberslot. It’s a highly unique title clearly influenced by the Counter-Strike video game.

It uses relatively standard gameplay mechanics, so it won’t be too difficult for players to get to grips with. However, there’s enough on show here to grab the attention of even the hardest-to-please player.

If you want to take a look at what this online slot has to offer then read the Terror Strike Game Review and play the Terror Strike Demo. It’s free!

How to Play Terror Strike Slot

It’s not hard to begin playing Terror Strike. We simplified it to help you start easily.

The first thing to check is the control section, located at the bottom of the game screen. 

In this section, you can increase or decrease the size of the stake using the plus and minus buttons. Once this is set, it’s time to start playing. There’s a spin button in the middle of the screen, with an Auto-Play option on the right side of it. 

On the left, you’ll find a Max Bet button that allows you to set the highest stake with a single click. There’s also an “i” button in place which will provide any extra information you need.

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Terror Strike Slot RTP and Variance

There’s a 95.42% RTP in place for Terror Strike. This is slightly below the market average, but not enough for you to notice and it still feels like a bountiful title. 

It’s difficult to ascertain the variance for Terror Strike. However, the wins appear on quite a regular basis, so it’s safe to say that there isn’t a high variance in place. As a result, it’s likely that there is a low to medium variance offered built into this online casino slot.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Paytable information is in the “i” button. 

Terror Strike Slot Bonus Features

Terror Strike has a Free Spins feature available. This activates when at least one of the 3 Wild symbols lands anywhere on the reels. When this takes place, you receive 15 Free Spins.

What makes this round so impressive is that one of the symbols becomes special when the round starts. Whenever it lands on the reels during the Free Spins, this randomly chosen symbol expands to fill multiple spaces.

If the right symbol lands on each reel, this enables you to fill all 10 paylines during the Bonus Round.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Terror Strike has a range of different symbols in place. All of them contribute to the overall theme of the game. They are all soldiers or items that soldiers use. This makes it one of the most impressive-looking casino games on the market at the moment. 

The gameplay for this slot machine mainly focuses on the Wild symbol. This works toward creating wins and triggering Free Spins. The Expanding Symbols are also hugely useful for creating those big payouts.


The Terror Strike slot machine is a great deal of fun. Styled like a video game, will likely appeal to gamers, especially those who enjoy first-person shooter titles. If you’re looking for a game that approaches things slightly differently, this could be the one.

Lock and load and get started with Terror Strike today!

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Terror Strike Slot FAQs

Do the Free Spins Offer Multipliers?

No, they don’t. The Free Spins only have the Expanding Symbols in place to help you create wins.

What is the Expanding Symbol?

The Expanding Symbol is chosen at random when the Free Spins begin. It’s chosen from the standard symbols and doesn’t include the Wild.

Can the Free Spins be Retriggered?

Yes, they can. If more than 2 Wild symbols appear on the reels during the Bonus Round then additional Free Spins will be added to the total.

Slots Paradise
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Mia Anderson
I love the idea behind the slot

I love the idea behind the slot. It was an exciting storyline that came with substantial features. The outlook was also eye-catching, especially to first-person shooter game lovers. 

 by Elizabeth Simard
I enjoyed the experience I got from spinning the reels.

Even though there weren’t many special features added to the slot, I enjoyed the experience I got from spinning the reels.

 by Zoe Simard
I found this slot more relatable and exciting

As someone who has already played some of the Counter-Strike video game franchises, I found this slot more relatable and exciting. 

 by Isla Wilson
The gameplay improves, and the experience is much more exciting

The slot starts a bit slow. However, once the free spins round activates, the gameplay improves, and the experience is much more exciting. 

 by Grace Johnston
It made me enjoy the slot even more than I already did

Activating the 15 free spins was the highlight of this slot for me. It made me enjoy the slot even more than I already did.

 by Isabelle Levesque
I’ve been stuck with the game

After playing Terror Strike, I’ve been stuck with the game because no one seems to give me the same experience and vibe that it does. 

 by Avery Kelly
This slot is an excellent way to start your playing journey

This slot is an excellent way to start your playing journey. It is easy to play and has exciting features that improve your experience.

 by Emily Williams
There are different features to activate in this slot game

There are different features to activate in this slot game. I was also lucky to claim a substantial payout after a few spins.

 by Avery Smith
I think the features are too limited, and it didn’t give me what I wanted

Undoubtedly, I enjoyed spinning the reels in this slot. However, I think the features are too limited, and it didn’t give me what I wanted.

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