Wolf Hiding Slot Game

Ever dreamt of venturing deep into a mystical forest where secrets and fortunes intertwine? Look no further! Wolf Hiding Slot, a prime gem in the world of online slots, offers just that. Expertly sculpted by Evoplay Entertainment, this slot game captures both the allure of the wild and the thrill of the chase. Encompassing brilliant graphics, coupled with captivating narratives, this game will make you feel the adrenaline of every spin. Ready to dive in? Unveil the mysteries of the forest and its guardian wolf now!

How to Play Wolf Hiding Slot

Navigating the Wolf Hiding Slot game is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive main screen layout. But for those new to the game, let’s break down the playing process step-by-step:

  1. Kickstart your journey by clicking the three-line icon located on the bottom left of your screen. This hub lets you delve deep into the game’s intricacies, showcasing rules, the paytable, win lines, and enthralling bonus features.
  2. Within this menu, you’re also empowered to tweak your in-game settings. Feel free to adjust sound effects to your liking or set the rhythm with the autoplay settings.
  3. Bounce back to the primary screen and find the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons to determine your bet amount.
  4. All set? Dive right in by pressing the main spin button for a standard spin. For those who like a continuous flow, opt for the smaller spin button, activating the auto mode.

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Wolf Hiding Slot RTP and Variance

When it comes to sweepstakes casino games, the RTP (Return To Player) matters. Wolf Hiding Slot boasts an RTP of 95.78% and high volatility. This means players might experience fewer frequent wins, but when they hit, they’re notably substantial. It’s a game that promises both suspense and significant rewards. 

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Wolf Hiding Slot caters to all, with bets starting at $0.10 and maxing out at $7.50. The game tempts with a potential jackpot of €900,000, making every spin a chance at grandeur. Explore its paytable to uncover the value of each symbol:

Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Samurai wolfx1.5x7.5x25
Warrior wolfx0.5x2.5x7.5
Indigenous wolfx0.4x2x5
Red runex0.1x0.5x2.5
Pink runex0.1x0.5x2.5
Green runex0.1x0.5x2.5
Blue runex0.1x0.5x2.5

Wolf Hiding Slot Bonus Features

Like its modern counterparts, this game spices up the base gameplay with tantalizing bonus features.

  • Wolf Wild: The majestic wolf wild graces all reels and possesses the power to substitute for every symbol except the scatter. And it doesn’t stop there – getting five in a row results in a 50x boost to your balance!
  • Free Spins Scatter: This symbol isn’t just any scatter; it’s the gateway to the game’s coveted free spins bonus round. Whenever it appears, it not only triggers free spins but also ensures reels 2 and 4 brim with mystery symbols. What’s more, any wins you clock during these spins come with a delightful multiplier. This feature persists until the mysterious symbols vanish.
  • Mystery Symbols: The allure of the unknown is captured perfectly by the mystery symbols. When revealed, they could transform into standard paytable symbols, wilds, or the enigmatic full moon symbols. And for an extra touch of magic, reels hosting a mystery symbol nudge down by one, potentially gifting players additional wins.
  • Full Moon Feature: Things get even more intriguing when mystery symbols morph into the full moon bonus icon. Each of these symbols whirls during this feature, settling on either a free spin scatter or coins with win multipliers ranging from x1 all the way up to x2,500. Every spin here is a step closer to the game’s tantalizing riches!

Symbols and Gameplay

The Wolf Hiding Slot is a mesmerizing visual journey, thanks to its rich array of symbols. Leading the pack, the wild symbol not only acts as a game-changer but also stands as the most lucrative symbol on the paytable. Other high-value symbols enrich the gameplay, like the samurai wolf, the mystical anubis, the warrior wolf, and the enigmatic indigenous wolf. Each of these icons holds the key to significant wins, enhancing the game’s overall excitement.

On the flip side, for those calmer moments, the game presents an array of low-paying symbols, which are vibrantly colored runes. Each hue holds its own charm, making every spin a vivid and rewarding online casino experience in Wolf Hiding Slot.


Wolf Hiding Slot online isn’t merely a game; it’s an odyssey. From its engrossing graphics to its generous payouts, it is a testament to what Evoplay Entertainment can bring to the table in the realm of casino games. Ready for a magic adventure? Dive in, and may the guardian wolf guide your spins!

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Wolf Hiding Slot FAQs

How many paylines does the Wolf Hiding Slot have?

The Wolf Hiding Slot boasts a total of 20 paylines, giving players ample opportunities to strike winning combinations.

Can you describe the structure of the Wolf Hiding Slot game?

Certainly! Wolf Hiding Slot has a classic yet engaging structure consisting of 5 reels and 4 rows, offering a well-laid-out grid for players.

Is there a demo version available for the Wolf Hiding Slot?

Yes, indeed! Players can take Wolf Hiding Slot for a spin in its demo version, allowing you to get a feel for the game before diving into real-money play.

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