How to Use Casino Bonus

How to Use Casino Bonus

Casino School: How to Use Casino Bonus

Do you know what gives me a great feeling when I decide I am going to be wagering inside of an online casino? Getting that sweet bonus money when I need to deposit as an extra bang for my buck. Today, I am going to explain to you how to get some sweet bonuses into your account and how to use a casino bonus, so you can get a little more than just your deposit.

In order to accept some bonuses into your account, you first need to create one! All you need to do is just go to and deposit some money into your account.

How Casino Bonus Works?

A casino bonus is just that, a bonus for the player. If you deposit into your account, you can click on bonuses and select it. It is a free offer and gives you a few extra bucks into your account, and all you have to do is play in the casino as you normally would as if you were not accepting a bonus into your account.  

Playthrough Requirement

So here is what hurts about these bonuses, you cannot simply just withdraw the bonus money right away as it is locked into your account right now. It will be used just like any other money inside your account but has a playthrough requirement to become funds accessible to withdraw from your account. 

It is important to check the terms of the bonus as each specific bonus is going to be different. For example, you can instantly get a $10 bonus cash into your account, but the requirements can read that you need 10 times playthrough. That would mean that to withdraw that $10, you would have to wager a total of $100 throughout the course of it to equate the value. All playthroughs can be different and have different values based on what types of wagers you spend it on (table games, slots, etc) so make sure to read first in order to do just that. 

Voluntary Bonus Forfeiture 

Even if you accept the bonus, you can forfeit any bonus at any point. Simply go into your account, and there will be the ability to forfeit your bonus. If you forfeit your bonus, any money associated with your bonus will be taken away from your account without any penalty. If your winnings are tied within the bonus itself, then it will signify itself and give you the option to voluntarily forfeit your bonus and whatever is associated with it. 

I would not suggest doing so because you are just throwing away potential earnings from yourself instead of just going through the playthrough requirement.

Bonus Expiration

Bonuses are always nice but in the online casino world but there is one other thing to note. There is an expiration date on how long the bonus will be active for. Two different expiration dates can apply to bonuses, so we will talk about each one individually.

The first one is simplistic as the fact that they will not last forever because new bonuses will appear from time to time to promote specific games. Once they are gone, it can be a while until it will reappear if it ever does. Once you accept a bonus, it will go away as well, so you cannot redeem the same bonus at two separate times. 

The other is after you accept a bonus. The casino will give you a timeframe that you will need to complete the playthrough by; otherwise, it will void the bonus from your account. Typically they will give the user a good chunk of time to do so, and it will not be a big deal but always keep it in the back of your mind to complete the playthrough by that date that they provide after you accept if you want to keep the funds inside of your account. 

How to Profit From Casino Bonus

Who doesn’t like free money? I sure as well do, so making sure you get some extra money for simply depositing into your account is great. The casino can have a bonus for a specific deposit method giving you a boost on how much you would get or simply just to play a newer casino game. Either way, it just makes sense to get more than what you originally expected and just do whatever you were going to play normally and get the bonus as you go along. 

Make sure to open an account if you have not already, as you can see all of the bonuses available for you to select. Sign up to do well and get involved into all of the action, so you do not have to miss out. Remember, if you want to know more about Slots Paradise, check our social media and join our community.