Play Your Best Blackjack Hands and Win Every Time

Play Your Best Blackjack Hands and Win Every Time

Blackjack is, without a doubt, one of the most well-liked casino games in the world. It’s easy to pick up, only demands a little focus, and has the potential to net you some respectable winnings. It is also incredibly accessible, as it can be played at virtually any online casino today. While simple enough, it does require some familiarity not only with the game’s techniques but also with its mechanics. The blackjack hands are one such feature. These are the main focus of the game. Therefore, that’s what we’ll discuss in today’s casino news.

Blackjack Hands: Soft or Hard Ones? Learn the Difference

In the game of blackjack, players are dealt two initial cards, and the goal is to have a hand with a total value that is as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. A “soft” hand and a “hard” hand refer to two different types of hands based on the presence or absence of an Ace card and its value.

The distinction between soft and hard hands is important because it affects the player’s decision-making strategy. For instance, a soft hand gives the player more flexibility, as they can hit for additional cards without the fear of busting. On the other hand, a hard hand requires more caution, as hitting and receiving a high-value card might cause the hand to exceed 21.

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Blackjack Hands | Soft Hands

The first type of blackjack hand we will talk about is the soft hand. A player’s hand is called a soft hand whenever he has an ace card as a hole hand. This is because the ace card can either be a 1-value card or an 11-value card. Many players seek such cards since they know that if they go over 21, they will immediately lose their stake.

An example of this hand is if you’re dealt an ace and a four. You have a “soft” fifteen. So you opt to hit to better your hand against the dealer’s strong-up card. Unlike other games like paradise slots which need no skill, playing these games also comes with learning how best to play them to win rounds.


One unique feature of soft blackjack hands is that it allows you to manipulate the value of your hand in various ways. It is one of the many reasons the ace is regarded as the best card in the deck.


  • The fact that you can change the sum of these hands to suit your needs is widely seen as a significant advantage.
  • Since the value of the ace can be changed at any time, a player with a soft hand can never go bust by hitting.
  • A combination of the ace and a 10-value card gives you a blackjack. And this translates to winning the round automatically. 


One major disadvantage of soft blackjack hands is that they can eventually become hard hands without giving you an edge. An example would be a 6-A which is a soft 17. Hitting on this card and getting a K which is a 10-value card, renders the Ace card inflexible. The hand remains a 17 but this time, a hard 17.

Blackjack Hands | Hard hands

A hard hand either lacks an ace or has an ace counted as a 1-value card since the hand’s total value would be more than twenty-one in any other way. A hard fifteen, for instance, results from being dealt a seven and an eight. This rule, however, only applies to low-value hands with a total of four, five, six, seven, or eight, as these can be quickly upgraded and pose little danger. 

It is always preferable to hit in such situations, regardless of the dealer’s up card. However, to fully take advantage of plays like this, it’s best you learn the strategy of card counting which we know works, like the counting cards poker strategy.


Hard blackjack hands’ uniqueness is seen in not depending on an ace card to be high value. Often, hard hands have a high probability of winning. 


  • These hands can easily be improved upon most of the time. Even without hitting, they win the house several times.
  • Hitting hard hands 12 through 17 often yield better expectations than standing against strong face-up cards of dealers. 
  • You can easily double down on hard 9s and 10s to profit more. 


  • Assuming you hit, you are likely to bust with these hands. Hence they are regarded as poor and hazardous.


If winning a blackjack game is important to you, then learning the fundamentals of blackjack hands is essential. Unfortunately, some gamblers can spend years at the tables before learning these terms. 

Blackjack is a game of skill. Therefore, any progress they make will boost their odds of winning. After all, the thrill and intrigue of blackjack games on platforms like a paradise sweepstakes casino one, come from you turning a profit while having a good time while testing your abilities.

For additional instructions on other card games, read our American casino guide section, where you can find lots of tips to increase your winning chances.

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