Bet Higher, Win Higher: Become a High Roller

Bet Higher, Win Higher: Become a High Roller

No one ever rose to a prestigious position by mere admiration. It takes commitment, patience, and engagement. For most people, that’s outrightly herculean. However, with a strategic skill set, it becomes quite an easy journey to embark on. Arguably right, being a high roller or, if you like, a whale, is perceived as one of the most esteemed statuses in gambling — online and land-based. Beyond the namey conferment, a good number of benefits stem from it.

In today’s casino news, we’ll explain briefly but in detail who a high roller is and the necessary measures to take to become one. Let’s jump right in!

High Roller: What Does it Mean to Be One

Held up differently, the definition of who a high roller is varies from one individual to another. Nonetheless, a high roller is an adroit gambler with funds abound, infringed with the risk of losing all of it.

Becoming a high roller implies that a player has attained a certain height of affluence finance-wise, has their financial goals spelled out, and has them attainable realistically.  Without much ado, here are the following ways to become a high roller if you play at a land-based casino:

High Rollers Wager Big Amounts

Staking high is deemed one of the easiest ways of throwing yourself into the spotlight as a prospective whale intent. This, in turn, usually draws a casino’s attention to such a player. However, players don’t often need to wager much to become a high roller. Most times, it relies on the regional casino one plays.

For instance, some casinos have their max wagering funds set at $100 per hand; for others, it may be up to $10,000 or more. Having your stakes shouldering up within the max range of a casino house can earn you the status of a high roller instead of going overboard with your stakes.

Whether you play in American original slot machine, table games, or roulette, betting big will grant you big wins, if Lady Luck is with you!

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Large Deposits Regularly Made by a High Roller

Some casinos care more about players depositing funds before their stakes. It’s first the amount one has in their account before what they intend to gamble with.

Players with substantial deposit capacities are often held up with a more valuable treatment. For instance, let’s assume a casino’s minimum and maximum deposits are pinned at $1,000 and 100,000, respectively. A player who deposited $99,000 would gain more preferential treatment over the one who has made a $9,000 deposit.

Engage Gaming Activities With Smaller Casinos

As mentioned, the tendency to gain prominence at casino houses quickens when some players patronize small casino houses. That way, they can become noticed for their heavy stakes over time and get prioritized over regular casino players.

Being a high roller isn’t left for land-based casino game players only. The following are possible ways of becoming a high roller in online casino real money games as well.

Attuned deal

A good number of online casinos offer a variety of attuned deals to players, from birthday packages, ceaseless cashback, earned points from stakes, and several others. These offers are open to players who make massive deposits in their accounts online. 

Swift deposits and safe withdrawals

Another way to decipher if some players have fast-paced their way into becoming a whale is via seamless deposit and withdrawal in their online casino games. Players with deposit and withdrawal channels beyond the ideal range are called whales. 

Customized service assistance

This rarely comes by for online casinos. Players who get this level of support system are perceived as high rollers. Personalized online casino service assistance can go as far as assigning online agents to players who have attained whale status.

The personalized services are set up to ensure that high rollers are excited as well as have their kingliness as online casino players intact, and the online casino game reviews will also give you some insight into the casino you play at, not only the game. Read them, and find out if they’re fit for your high roller objectives.


Becoming a high roller in online casinos doesn’t match up with being one in land-based casinos. This is because most online casinos get bothered whenever they’re at a loss. Some Players only become visible to them and probably conferred with the high roller status when they amass more wins than accumulated losses. Nevertheless, to attain the whale’s height, avoidance of reckless spending must be taken into cognizance. Have a planned budget, and never go overboard from your stipulated gambling funds.

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