Do You Know What is a Progressive Slot Machine?

Do You Know What is a Progressive Slot Machine?

The winnings that can be obtained from playing Slot games differ. It all depends on the form of slot games you choose to play.  Slots online come in various forms, including the classic variety and the progressive slot machine. If you have been asking –What is a progressive slot machine? Today’s casino news will enlighten you. 

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What is a Progressive Slot Machine? Getting Acquainted

The term “progressive slot machine” can be a bit of a mouthful. However, it’s straightforward. A progressive slot machine is a category of slot game in which a small percentage of each player’s wager is added to a prize pool. This will continue until someone hits the jackpot and the machine stops. Once the accumulated jackpot is won, the machine will reset to its original base jackpot.  A small percentage of each wager failing to win will continue accumulating. This process will continue until someone hits the jackpot again. 

After satisfying your curiosity attached to the question – what is a progressive slot machine? Note that in this type of game, luck is what is needed. It is different from table games that require skill. For example and concerning other casino games, learning how to count cards in poker is necessary, or you could lose more than you could ever win.

What is a Progressive Slot Machine? A Brief History

The first physical progressive slot came into existence in 1986—however, the appearance of online casinos in the middle 1990s -early 2000s influenced it. Personal computers’ increased bandwidth and processing capacity also had a huge impact. Together with the internet, they led to the proliferation of progressive slots virtual gambling market. Without needing to construct a physical structure, the casino gambling sector expanded its progressive slots customer base and, thus, its revenue. 

Types of Progressive Casino Slots

Standalone Progressives

Standalone progressives are slot machines whose jackpot grows only from the money gambled on that machine. Although the jackpot grows more slowly with standalone progressives, there is less real-time competition, which may boost your odds of winning a higher sum.

Local Progressives

This means that all the casino gaming machines share the same network. The jackpots on these machines are substantially more significant than solo machines because more machines contribute a smaller percentage of total wagers to the jackpot.

Wide Area Progressives

The jackpots on these machines are the largest since they are pooled from multiple machines in different places. While the jackpot on wide-area progressive slot machines is impressive, your odds of winning are lower than with a solo progressive machine.

Mechanisms for Winning Progressive Slots

We have answered –what is a progressive slot machine? So, let’s get down to brass tacks and discuss the inner workings of progressive jackpots. It’s spun, and then a bunch of numbers are picked at random. You win the jackpot if the proper algorithm is selected. A progressive jackpot, however, can be won in several different ways.

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Bet the max possible Stake

You increase your chances of being the winner of a jackpot by betting the max on several online progressive slots. However, you shouldn’t be bothered if your bankroll doesn’t go that big. Low-stakes gamers can find various progressive casino games that provide multiple jackpot tiers.

Striking it Lucky with a Jackpot

You can win prizes like this after any spin. It doesn’t require bonus rounds or specific symbol combinations. However, to qualify, you need to wager the maximum amount.

Landing Symbol Combinations

You win a progressive jackpot by getting a specific combination of symbols on a single pay line. For instance, you win if you get five jackpot symbols on the fifteenth pay line. Winning a jackpot means you got the winning combination.


Playing Progressive slot machines is a good way to entertain yourself in online casinos and win cash. Their existence has been a significant bonus to players worldwide. Do not believe the myth that slots with increasing jackpots are fraudulent. These casino games also employ RNG in that to produce random winners. If you are unsure about slots, try for free at a paradise sweepstakes casino. Remember to gamble responsibly.

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