Texas Holdem Poker Game

Poker has many variations and is probably the most played card game in the world. It’s not often that you get to enjoy a private game of Texas Holdem (Texas Hold`em), but BGaming now allows you to do so to your heart’s content. In this game, it’s all eyes on you as you play against the dealer. Will you raise or will you fold? Take your seat and place your bet.

How to Play Texas Holdem (Texas Hold’em)

Learn how to play Texas Holdem (Texas Hold’em) poker.

Before the cards are dealt, you must decide how much you want to play per round. From the bottom of the screen, select an online casino chip denomination, starting from $1 and ending at $100. After this, place your bet in the “Ante” area on the table and press “Deal”. Once the cards are dealt, you could “Raise” to continue playing or “Fold” if you do not want to. 

Two more cards will be dealt with, with “Bet” or “Check” options available. If you bet, you cover the “Turn” side bet, and betting again thereafter will cover the “River” bet. However, you could just select “Check” to reveal further cards without betting.

After the round, you can hit the “Rebet” or “New Bet”.

All the rules of Texas Hold’em are available from the menu at the top right of the screen. Play a free Texas Holdem session, and use the demo version to bet without risking your bankroll!

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Texas Holdem RTP and Variance

There is no bluffing in this game of Texas Holdem poker as BGaming shows you all their cards. The variance has not officially been released, but you can place your bet and raise another, thanks to an RTP of 98.75%, which ensures fair gameplay. 

It’s a generous RTP for a game of its kind, so why not raise the stakes and go big?

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

HandAnte payoffRaise, Turn, River Payoff
Royal Flush1:11:1
Straight Flush1:11:1
Four of a Kind1:11:1
Full House1:11:1
Three of a KindPush1:1
Two PairsPush1:1
One PairsPush1:1
High CardsPush1:1

Texas Holdem Bonus Features

In Texas Hold`em, you have two more stages of betting after the initial “Flop”. These are the “Turn” and the “River” bets. 

The fourth card is the “Turn” card, which allows you to raise your bet if you wish to. The final card is the “River,” where you can place your last bet equal to your “Ante” bet. It flows naturally, so you will quickly pick up the rules after playing just a few rounds.

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Tips for Playing

Texas Hold`em is played with one deck of cards. The player receives two hole cards and five community cards. From these cards, you need to make the highest possible winning combinations, such as a Royal Flush, Full House, Flush, or Three of a kind. 

The aim is to have your highest cards beat the highest cards of the dealer. Do that and you are a winner, my friend!

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Texas Hold`em is a fun variation of poker usually played with up to 10 players. BGaming knows that sometimes you just want to have some quiet fun, so they have brought the table to you. Sit down and take in your lush surroundings as you play against the dealer. Take on and enjoy some fast-paced video poker action today.

Will you fold, will you raise, or do you dare to call?

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Texas Holdem FAQs

Do I Have To Bet On More Than The Ante Bet?

Yes, you must at least “Raise” the bet once; thereafter you can use the “Check” option.

How Many Community Cards Get Played?

In total, five community cards will be played unless players fold before all the cards are dealt.

Where Can I Find The Rules For Texas Hold`em?

To access the rules for this game, head to the three lines at the top right of the screen, open the menu, and then select “Rules”.

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