888 Tower Slot Game

There were some clever craftsmen in the ancient world, and breathtaking structures in China have served as an inspiration to bring the beautiful 888 Tower slot to life. Why number 8, you ask? Because this is a lucky number according to Chinese tradition.

As expected for a game with one payline on three reels, the main symbol is the number 8. However, while the reels might not be overflowing with premium features, this slot game definitely packs a punch. 

Check out these features for yourself by signing in and taking a spin.

How to Play 888 Tower Slot

Since you’ve only got three reels and one payline to worry about here, the “how to play” manual is nice and short for this game, and our 888 Tower Slot Review is here to show you. In fact, once you get to grips with two specific buttons you are 100% ready to roll. 

These buttons are the “$” icon, where you can adjust your bet per spin, and the “Spin” button itself. Both of these are needed to play the game. There are also optional buttons for Turbo Spins and Auto-Play.

Click the “?” link if you want to read more about how to play the 888 Tower slot. Practice for free with the 888 Tower Slot Demo.

Topics for High Rollers

888 Tower Slot RTP and Variance

The 888 Tower slot is less volatile than others. But still, the variance rating has been listed as medium, and there is an RTP of 95.18%. Combined, this means that payouts won’t appear constantly, and they could swing quite drastically from one spin to the next.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Symbol2 on a Payline3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Any Threex1xx
Green 888x2xx
Blue 888x3xx
Pink 888x5xx
Yellow 888x8xx

888 Tower Slot Bonus Features

As is the case with the vast majority of one-payline online slots, there is no Free Spins Bonus to speak of here. But the game doesn’t leave users completely stranded in the Bonus Round department. In fact, for each spin that results in a win, you get a Free Respin with a 2x multiplier. 

This multiplier can keep increasing until it hits a maximum of 888x. Of course, you need a huge chain of wins to reach this multiplier.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The 888 Tower slot has just four symbols to keep track of. These include four different colored 8 symbols, with Yellow ranked as the highest in terms of payouts. There is a Wild symbol as well, shown as the Multicolored 8—not something you typically see on a one-payline online casino slot. 

Furthermore, the gameplay here is stylish with a somewhat old-school feel. For that reason, the game is sure to appeal to those who are familiar with arcade slots.

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Three-reel and one-payline slot casino games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. You either love them or hate them. Obviously, each individual is different, but we are perfectly content with the style and variety that this slot has to offer. It’s hard to argue against the value too, with Wild symbols and a maximum payout of 8256x your stake.

Think you can sink the jackpot? Then sign in and take those reels for a spin.

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888 Tower Slot FAQs

What Is The Bet Range For This Game?

The bet range for the 888 Tower slot runs from 10 cents to $10. You can choose either of these extremes or opt for one of the many denominations in between.

How Do You Win The Maximum Payout Here?

The maximum payout is obtained through the Respins feature in the base game.

How Many Spins Can I Take Using Auto-Play?

You can set the reels to spin up to 100 times without lifting a finger thanks to this feature.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jessica Hernandez
The bonuses can lead to some big payouts

888 Tower slot is a great game for anyone who enjoys online slots. The graphics are impressive and the gameplay is smooth. Plus, the bonuses can lead to some big payouts!

 by Michael Wilson
The bonuses keep it interesting and the potential for big wins is always exciting

I've been playing 888 Tower slot for a while now and it's still just as fun as when I first started. The bonuses keep it interesting and the potential for big wins is always exciting.

 by Ashley Brown
The game is engaging and offers a lot of chances to win

If you're looking for a new slot game to try, I highly recommend 888 Tower. The game is engaging and offers a lot of chances to win. It's become one of my favorites!

 by James Lee
I enjoy playing 888 Tower slot when I need a break from my usual games

I enjoy playing 888 Tower slot when I need a break from my usual games. The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are great. It's definitely worth checking out.

 by Amanda Williams
I recommend giving it a try

I was skeptical of 888 Tower slot at first, but it quickly won me over. The bonus features are exciting and can really pay out big time. I recommend giving it a try!

 by Tyler Smith
As a frequent online gambler

As a frequent online gambler, I can say that 888 Tower slot is definitely worth playing. The graphics and sounds are top-notch, and the game is just plain fun.

 by Jennifer Davis
I love the theme of 888 Tower slot

I love the theme of 888 Tower slot. It's unique and really draws you in. Plus, the game itself is super fun and has a lot of chances to win big.

 by Kevin Thompson
I've played a lot of online slots

I've played a lot of online slots, but 888 Tower is one of the best. The potential for big wins is impressive, and the game has a great variety of features that keep it interesting.

 by Sarah Johnson
Highly recommended

888 Tower slot is my new favorite game! The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is smooth, and the bonus features keep me coming back for more. Highly recommended!

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