Bombing Kraken Slot Game

Experience the aquatic adventure of the Bombing Kraken Slot by KA Gaming, where traditional grids and paylines are swapped for a sea of chances! With no specific grid or paylines, players get to bombard fish with powerful bullets, transforming the deep blue into a frenzy of wins. Fever time heats things, turning each catch into potential gold.

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How to Play Bombing Kraken Slot

Learning how to play the Bombing Kraken Slot is as easy as setting sail on a sunny day, so read on to find out how. Just set your bet total and click on the screen to let those bombs fly at your aquatic targets. Navigate through the casino online game with handy tools like the paytable for added information, game rules for smooth sailing, logs of previous bets to track your session, and an audio toggle to either soak in the ocean’s melody or enjoy the silence of the sea. It’s all up to you!

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Bombing Kraken Slot RTP and Variance

We have no RTP or variance rating for the Bombing Kraken slot, but we’ll keep you informed once we hear any news!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Stakes range from $0.01 to $10, casting a wide net for players of all budgets. 

SymbolKill Fish
Spiky Fish9x
Purple Fish12x
Green Fish15x
Blue Fish18x
Angry Fish25x

Bombing Kraken Slot Bonus Features

Playing in the deep blue of the Bombing Kraken slot game is great fun, especially when equipped with the might of the Powerful Bullet. By choosing to wield this formidable weapon, each shot packs a greater punch, dramatically increasing your odds of a successful hit. Be wary, though; such power comes at the cost of 6x your bet, a price for those daring enough to challenge the game for greater rewards.

As your session continues, each defeated fish releases its essence into a mystical energy tank, edging you closer to the elusive Fever Time. This mode is where the true big wins lie; with each fish soul collected, the sea becomes full of opportunity. It’s a unique way to play and a complete hit here at Slots Paradise Casino!

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Symbols and Gameplay

The ocean’s bounty is yours to claim when playing the Bombing Kraken slot, from timid goldfish offering 3x to 18x rewards to the formidable Kraken lurking in the deep, worth up to 400x your stake. Each creature in this aquatic game brings a wave of potential wins.

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The Bombing Kraken slot machine takes the increasingly popular fishing game genre and flips it on its head – here, you’re not just fishing; you’re bombing for bounty! While it might sound a bit fierce at first, the joy of launching powerful bullets for a chance at multipliers makes for an unexpectedly entertaining experience.

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Bombing Kraken Slot FAQs

What is the Powerful Bullet feature?

The Powerful Bullet feature enhances your weapon for a higher hit chance. Activating it costs 6x your bet but increases your chances of a successful strike.

How does Fever Time work in the Bombing Kraken slot?

During Fever Time, your chances of hitting a fish improve significantly. This mode is activated as you collect fish souls in a special energy tank.

What are the potential rewards for playing Bombing Kraken?

Rewards range from 3x to 400x your bet, depending on the fish you hit. The ultimate prize is landing the kraken, offering up to 400x for a successful bombing.

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