Xoc Dia Slot Game

To clear things up right off the bat, Xoc Dia Slot is not your average video slot game. In fact, it’s closer to a table game, albeit with some unique interactive elements.

Nevertheless, it’s a game that puts you in an environment unlike any other. This game is played with four chips. One side is red and the other is white, and they are shaken under a bowl before coming to a rest. You bet on the outcomes of the four chips in an odd vs even fashion, and the specified odds for each is 1.97. 

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How to Play Xoc Dia Slot

The interface of the Xoc Dia slot immediately shows you that this is different from a standard casino online slot game. You’ll notice four outcomes that you can bet on and you’ll see a tray of different bet sizes at the bottom of the screen. Basically, you select the coin size and then tap the “Bet” button on your chosen outcome. 

Tapping the “Bet” button repeatedly will add another wager of the same size to that outcome. For example, if you pick a $1 coin and tap one outcome three times, you are then betting $3. 

If you want to learn more, select the “?” icon. Play with the Xoc Dia Slot Demo for hours of free entertainment.

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Xoc Dia Slot RTP and Variance

No variance or RTP has been provided for this game. The fact that you’re wagering on a table game means that the probability and house edge of each bet can vary significantly. This can make it hard to pin down an overall RTP or house edge for Xoc Dia.

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Xoc Dia Slot Bonus Features

Unfortunately, the Xoc Dia slot game does not have any Bonus Rounds to speak of. Then again, this is to be expected as there are no reels, no rows, and no specific symbols to take into consideration. This is just a game of chance, with two standard multipliers of 3.5x and 14x for the designated outcomes.

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Symbols and Gameplay

First and foremost, this game has no symbols. The closest thing to symbols is the four chips that have a white and red side. Of course, you’ve also got the cup, which displays an animated shake before revealing the outcome of each turn. There are crisp sound effects when the cup is shaken, and there is a relaxing soundtrack of Asian-style music in the background. 

So, although this online slots game might not be as advanced as some others, it’s still an immersive game, nonetheless. It’s also a game that will appeal to fans of classic table games like Baccarat, Red Dog, Craps, and Andar Bahar.


In our humble opinion, this game creates an original way of enjoying something that you wouldn’t usually associate with casino gaming. In fact, unless you ventured out to Vietnam to sample this one, you’d never get a chance to see how it works. So, this alone means that Xoc Dia is worth a try because it’s just so different from anything else by AllWaySpin.

To see if this game is right for you or not, play it today! Give the cup a couple of shakes, choose your bet, and see how things go.

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Xoc Dia Slot FAQs

Why Can’t I Bet On All Possible Outcomes?

You can’t bet on all possible outcomes because that’s where the house edge is found.

What Is The Maximum Coin Size For This Game?

The maximum coin size for the Xoc Dia game is $200.

Can I Bet On More Than One Outcome?

Yes, you can actually bet on all four of the listed outcomes if you want to. But this isn’t recommended. The game has a house edge and you’ll be playing right into it if you bet in this manner.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Megan Davis
I absolutely love playing xoc dia slot

I absolutely love playing xoc dia slot! The graphics are bright and colorful, and the gameplay is fast-paced and exciting. Definitely one of my favorite slot games.

 by Brandon Lee
I love trying to predict which color will come up next

Xoc dia slot is the perfect game for anyone who loves a little bit of strategy with their slots. I love trying to predict which color will come up next, and the payouts are great too!"

 by Rachel Wilson
The colors are so vibrant

If you're looking for a game that's both fun and challenging, xoc dia slot is the way to go. The colors are so vibrant, and the gameplay keeps you on your toes.

 by David Nguyen
It's definitely worth a try

As someone who's been playing slots for years, I have to say that xoc dia slot is one of the most unique and interesting games I've ever come across. It's definitely worth a try!

 by Kaitlyn Jones
I love how easy it is to play xoc dia slot, even if you're new to slots

I love how easy it is to play xoc dia slot, even if you're new to slots. The colors and graphics are so eye-catching, and the payouts are generous too.

 by Tyler Johnson
Xoc dia slot is a game that never gets old

Xoc dia slot is a game that never gets old. I love the simplicity of the gameplay, and the chance to win big keeps me coming back for more.

 by Emily Baker
The graphics are so soothing

If you're looking for a game that's both fun and relaxing, xoc dia slot is the perfect choice. The graphics are so soothing, and the payouts are always fair.

 by Jordan Carter
I love trying to predict the next color

Xoc dia slot is one of the most addictive games I've ever played. I love trying to predict the next color, and the payouts keep me playing for hours.

 by Samantha Garcia
The colors and graphics are so beautiful, and the gameplay is so much fun

I've been playing xoc dia slot for a while now, and I have to say it's one of my favorite slot games. The colors and graphics are so beautiful, and the gameplay is so much fun!

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