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Color Game Review

Color Game Review by AllWaySpin

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AllWaySpin is perhaps best known for exciting table games. However, it seems they know a thing or two about great table casino games as well, as that’s exactly what Color Game offers.

Color Game is a popular table game that is played in the Philippines. Essentially, you bet on the outcomes when rolling three dice on a virtual table. Each dice has six colors in total, equal to the number of sides. You can back what colors the dice will reveal when they come to a halt.

It’s that simple, and you can play it now by registering and logging in. Read the Color Game Review and play the Color Game Demo for free!

How to Play Color Game

This casino online real money game is unique in many respects. It features three dice with six different colors, and you roll all three during a single turn. This means that you will see three colors displayed for each spin, and you bet on these colors.

To do that, simply select a bet size from the bottom of the screen, and then tap the color you wish to back. You can add multiple bets for the same color, or back several of them—it’s up to you.

As you can see, the rules are very simple, but if you still need some more information on how to play, just click the “?” icon.

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Rolling the Dice: Delving Deep into Casino Mysteries and Marvels

Color Game RTP and Variance

The developers haven’t assigned a specific variance or RTP to Color Game. What we can say, however, is that the variance and the house edge/RTP vary based on the types of bets that you make. 

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Color Game Bonus Features

Some of the table games offered by AllWaySpin have unique bonuses, but these are rather thin on the ground for Color Game. However, one constant is that they award a random multiplier for certain turns. These seem to start at 4x and increase all the way to 12x. 

Each turn is allocated a color for these multipliers, and there are always three different multiplier values. These values cover the possibility of one, two, or three incidents of that color appearing for that particular roll of the dice. The catch is that you don’t know which color has been selected until you’ve already placed your bets.

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Symbols and Gameplay

There aren’t too many moving parts to Color Game. So, naturally, the gameplay isn’t what you’d call robust. However, the simplicity of this game is what makes it enjoyable to play. And the random multipliers create an added layer of excitement. 

You won’t find any symbols to focus on either, just the three dice that are sent down the table after you place your bets.


There are lots of fresh and exciting table games being released these days, and it is yet another one that we can add to the list. Not only is the game simple, but it is relatively low-cost with a minimum bet of just $1. This ensures that it remains suitable for those with a limited budget. Thanks to the random multipliers and payout possibilities, those seeking big wins will also enjoy this game.

Play the Color Game now to see if you can guess correctly and win big.

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Color Game FAQs

What Is The Maximum Bet Size For This Game?

You can bet as much as $200 on a single outcome in this game. This bet size can be selected in the main control panel.

What Are The Base Game Multipliers?

The standard multipliers during the base game are fixed at 2x, 3x, and 4x. Each of these corresponds to the number of colors shown.

Is It Beneficial To Bet On Several Colors At The Same Time?

In theory, by backing more than one color you can increase your chances. But once you get beyond three colors, this strategy has no real benefit.

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Six Colors to Bet On
Three Dice
Base Game Multipliers
$1 Bet Minimum
Available on Mobile
Bonus Multipliers