Blackjack Winning Odds – An Ideal Meaning of the Term

Blackjack Winning Odds – An Ideal Meaning of the Term

At first glance, the odds of winning blackjack seem like a walk in the park, but in recess, to what is seen, knowing the blackjack winning odds isn’t a mere drop in the bucket. The game of blackjack consists of odds at every point of play. As a player, mathematical exactness is also required to make a sound and satisfactory decision apart from basing your moves on your intuition.  

In this casino news, together, we’ll walk through the odds of winning blackjack with regards to acing your win at every chance you get.

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Odds of Winning Blackjack: A Game of Possibilities

In the first place, the concept of odds varies in meaning depending on one’s usage. For context, odds imply delineating one’s expectation — the tendency for a thing to happen by chance. Again, odds are majorly calculated using the probability of winning and losing.

For instance, assuming you’re to make the right choice from five options, the odds will be at 5/1, where 5 signifies the chances of losing and 1 for winning.

Calculating the odds of winning blackjack may outrightly not take this form. However, it can be expressed regarding the payout per bet. In the following section, we’ll examine the \ odds.

Blackjack Online Games & Odds

Ordinarily, the odds of winning blackjack online games are 1.37/1, leaving its payout odds usually at 3/2. However, depending on the variant one plays, the odds may have some slight adjustments. Progressively we will delve into detail about these odds in relation to the online popular blackjack variants. 

Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack, alternatively regarded as American blackjack, is a cream-the-crop variant people often find in most online casinos. It sets its play on eight decks using 52 cards. On average, the winning rate of classic blackjack is 42.22%, with a probability rate of owning 21 in blackjack set at 4.75%

Furthermore, house edge equally has its winning percentage, and it is tailored at 0.61%. This implies that for every $100 placed bet, the casino gets $0.61 from one’s winnings.

For the classic variety, the odds of winning blackjack are pressed at 3/2. For payout, a player gets 1.5 times its wagering power. Let’s say you placed a bet with $100; for instance, in the end, you’ll receive $150 as the payout.

European Blackjack

One only distinction between European blackjack and classic blackjack is the number of decks both games have. While the former is played using two decks, the latter uses eight decks — with 52 playable cards each.

Comparatively, European blackjack odds share so many similarities with that of the classic variety — 3/2. What seems to be more profitable is the house edge which stands at 0.39%.

The Face Up 21 Blackjack 

Excluding Face Up 21 blackjack from among the popular blackjack steams as an incomplete list. As the name implies, it is played with cards face up, including the dealer’s.

Similar to the first two blackjacks mentioned, its winning probability is the same — 42%. A tie with the dealer often ends as a loss to the player. We bet you don’t, by chance, want to have that experience. Among the blackjack variants mentioned above, Face Up 21 ranks first in house edge — 0.85% with a winning blackjack odds and payout of 1/1.

Blackjack variants and pay tables usually display the odds of each game. In online blackjack, you may find this in the online game review for each variant of the game.

Additionally, it is the best blackjack variant to play for newbies, to develop a personal playing strategy.  However, due to its huge house edge and little payout odds rate, Face Up 21 isn’t the best blackjack to play to make money. The double exposure blackjack variant should be a good place to learn.


Most often, people are so quick to surrender the moment the odds slightly go against them. But what is surrender in blackjack? Is it the right thing to do? To surrender means throwing in half of your bet and having the other.

Winning odds across blackjack variants and, of course, casinos aren’t fixed. Sometimes, a blackjack variant winning odds can be relatively distinct on two online casino platforms. Understanding the odds is the first step towards knowing how best to exploit those odds in your favor.

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