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What is Double Exposure Blackjack?

Knowing what is double exposure blackjack can help you win it

Players can choose from a wide variety of classic blackjack games. If you want to try something different, the Double-Exposure variation of blackjack is a good choice. Rather than live casinos, it is primarily dominated by online casinos. But, what is Double Exposure Blackjack? 

Double Exposure Blackjack lets players see both of the dealer’s cards in front of them, giving them the information they need to make smarter decisions, such as continuing to hit if both cards reveal a winning hand. However, playing double-exposure blackjack solely by hitting is not recommended. 

Except for the fact that the dealer’s cards are dealt differently, double-exposure blackjack is played in the same manner as regular blackjack. You’ll discover what double exposure blackjack is, how to play it, how to use strategies, and even when to split and double down in this blackjack guide. 

Knowing What Is Double Exposure Blackjack Can Help You Win It

To play online real blackjack, you need to know the rules that distinguish double exposure blackjack from standard blackjack. Simply being curious about – “what is double-exposure blackjack” won’t do. These are the various rules you need to consider:

  • The dealer’s cards are both displayed face up. 
  • The dealer wins nearly all ties except on a player’s natural blackjack.
  • The player can even pay even money.
  • Only one split attempt is permitted per player. 
  • All hands are paid out at a 1:1 ratio. 
  • There isn’t an insurance option.

Other rules that can vary include

  • On a soft 17, the dealer must hit or stand. 
  • After a split, the player may or may not be permitted to double. 
  • A player may or may not be permitted to double on any of the first two cards. 
  • The players can split up multiple times. 
  • When blackjack is tied, the player wins, or the dealer pushes. 
  • Unlike cards with a 10 value, the player may or may not be permitted to split. Consider a queen and a king as an example.

How to Play Double Exposure Blackjack

These are the steps you must follow to play double-exposure blackjack: 

  1. Place your bet

Whether you’re playing in a live or online casino, you can pick the number and quantity of chips you desire. In a game of double-exposure blackjack, you can wager as little as $1 and as much as $100, depending on the casino.

All participants must place their bets before the round of betting may begin.

  1. Deal

Click the ‘Deal’ button to receive your first cards after placing your wager. Two cards facing up would also be dealt to the dealer.

Players who do not have a natural blackjack, or a hand with a 21-value that contains an Ace and a 10-value card, have the option to hit, stand, double down, or split after cards have been dealt:

  • Hit: You make a hit when you think your hand needs one more card to increase its value. If the value of your hand exceeds 21, you’re bust.
  • Stand: When you opt to “stand,” you indicate that you don’t want any more cards and are confident in your ability to defeat the dealer with your dealt cards.
  • Double Down: To double down, you must place a bet equal to twice your initial wager and be dealt another card. In most casinos, a double down would be accepted for a hard 9, 10, or 11.
  • Split: When you have two cards with the same value, you take a split. To split, you must double your wager and divide your hand into two distinct hands.

  1. Loss or Gain 

Except for a natural blackjack, you lose that round if the value of your hand is more than 21 or the same as the dealer. You win that round if the value of your hand exceeds the dealer’s but falls below 21.

In double-exposure blackjack, a ‘push’ occurs when your hand and the dealer’s hand are tied. Without making a profit, you receive your initial wager back.

Strategies in Double Exposure Blackjack

Most casino gamblers think that blackjack rules card games, but seldom know the difference in its variants. Understanding blackjack is the first part of knowing how to play this casino game; it is also important to know strategies to use in whatever game conditions you find yourself in. Increase your chances of winning this variant by applying this simple guide: 

Dealers’ hard totals 

  • 4 to 11: Always hit 
  • 12 and 13: Hit against the dealer’s 7 to 11, otherwise, stand. 
  • 14: Hit if the score is 7-10, otherwise stand.
  • 15: Hit against 7, 8, or 9; otherwise, stand 
  • 16: Hit against 7; otherwise, stand. 
  • 17 upwards: Hit until you beat the dealer.

Dealers’ Soft Totals

  • 4 to 9: Always hit
  • 10: Double down against soft 14, 15, and 16; otherwise, hit.
  • 11: Double down against soft 13 through 16; otherwise, hit
  • 12: Stand against Soft 14, 15, and 16; otherwise, hit
  • 13-16: stand up against soft 16 and lower.
  • 17 upwards: Stand if beating the dealer; otherwise, hit.

Player’s Soft Hands vs. Dealer’s Hard Hands

  • Soft 13 to 17: Always hit
  • Soft 18: Hit against 12 to 16, otherwise, hit.
  • Soft 19 upwards: Unless the dealer’s hand beats you, stand.

Player’s Soft Hands vs. Dealer’s Soft Hands

  • 17 below: Always hit a soft hand until you beat the dealer.

Dealers’ Hard Hands Split

  • 2s and 3s: Split against 6 and 12 through 17, if not, hit.
  • 4s: Split against 12 to 16; if not, hit.
  • 5s: Always hit
  • 6s: Split against 4 through 6 and 12 through 17.
  • 7s: Split against 5, 6, and 12 through 17.
  • 8s: Split against 4 through 8 and 12 through 17.
  • 9s: Split against 4 through 17.
  • 10s: Split against 13 through 16.
  • Aces: Always split, except against 11, 17, and higher.

Dealers’ Soft Hands Split

  • 2s through 4s: Always hit
  • 5s: Double down against soft 14 through 16; otherwise, hit.
  • 6s: Stand against soft 14 to 16; if not, hit.
  • 7s: Stand against any hand lower than 17.
  • 8s: Split against soft 16 and 17; otherwise, stand. 
  • 9s: Split against soft 15 and 16; otherwise, stand. 
  • 10s: Don’t split against soft hands.
  • Aces: Always split against soft hands.

Final Thoughts

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In double exposure blackjack, what is the house advantage?

The house edge in the double exposure blackjack game is 0.67%, which results in a 99.33% return to player rate.

Why is the payout 1 to 1 in double exposure blackjack?

There is no insurance option in double-exposure blackjack. The reward would, therefore, always be 1 to 1 regardless of the winning hand.