Popular Online Casino Blackjack Games in 2022

Popular Online Casino Blackjack Games in 2022

Undoubtedly, blackjack is one of the most exciting games and probably one of the most simple card games players can find in an online casino game collection. However, many might argue that playing blackjack requires being tactical and strategic so it isn’t that simple. Well, using strategies helps spice things up by increasing your winning chances when playing casino online blackjack games.

Land-based casinos kept the enthusiasm of players who play blackjack by being dynamic. Various types of blackjack were developed so that each player could choose whichever was best for them. Thanks to technology, players can play various casino online blackjack casino games from the comfort of one single place, their home. Despite all these blackjack games working on the same principle, which is getting a hand of 21 or close to 21, there are still some important differences among its variants. And these differences are what we bring to you in today’s casino news

In a standard blackjack game, players aim to beat the dealer by building a hand with a total value closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21. Number cards are worth their face value, face cards are worth 10, and Aces can be worth 1 or 11. Players receive two initial cards and can choose to “hit” (take more cards) or “stand” (keep their current hand). Other options include “double down” (double the bet and take one more card) and “split” (separate pairs into two hands). The dealer typically follows a set of rules, drawing until reaching a certain total, and players win if their hand is higher in value than the dealer’s without busting.

American Blackjack

The American Blackjack, which is often referred to as classic blackjack, is arguably the most popular variant of the game of blackjack. Some players may say that European blackjack is more popular. Nevertheless, both are fantastic! American online casino blackjack is a game played using a single standard 52-card deck dealt out at a standard 3 to 2 ratio. Here is how it is different from other variants: 

Firstly in American blackjack, the dealer doesn’t check for natural blackjack, and resplitting is not an option. Secondly, before a player decides how to play their hand, the dealer receives their hood card, i.e. the card still faces down. 

American blackjack remains one of the most popular online casino blackjack variants because of its low house edge, which is about 0.5% if a good strategy is employed. 

European Blackjack

You might have probably seen online European Roulette. Similar to this, we also have European Blackjack. In contrast to a single 52-card deck used in American blackjack, two 52-card decks are used while playing European Blackjack. Though it has its advantages, it increases the house’s edge. Dealers stat European Blackjack tables stand in soft 17. However, players benefit more from this stand. The payout ratio for this variant is 3:2. However, players are only allowed to double down if their starting hand is nine, ten, or eleven. A player’s hand is considered a tie and they get a blackjack at the same moment as the dealer. If this happens, the player’s initial bet is returned. 

Perfect Pair Blackjack

This variation presents an exceptional opportunity for players who think having a sound betting strategy is crucial to winning games. Perfect Pairs; One of the first blackjack variants that include side bets as Standard Blackjack. While it shares many of American Blackjack’s restrictions and guidelines, it also features one ingenious side bet. Players who believe their first two cards will have the same value as two kings or sixes will deposit an extra side bet. This has a 6:1 payout. However, you can receive 12:1 payouts if the two cards have the same value and color. Two cards with the same value, color, and suit will result in the largest 25:1 reward.

Blackjack Switch

The blackjack switch is very similar to the Classic Blackjack. However, it is called “Switch” because players get to play two hands separately. They can switch between their hands; the second card is handed to each hand. The main disadvantage of having this flexibility is that the player loses the hand if the dealer busts with a score of 22, as opposed to winning it as would otherwise be the case. In addition, dealers with a 22 always push and never bust with any hands other than those with a natural blackjack payout at 1:1 rather than 3:2.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

One of the newest blackjack variants is Multi-Hand Blackjack. This was created when online casinos realized how much their clients loved playing several hands at once. Most of the game’s regulations are similar to traditional blackjack, with one important exception: players may play numerous hands simultaneously. Using the best blackjack strategy, Multi-Hand Blackjack, played with six 52-card decks, has a house edge of just 0.47 percent. It’s encouraging to see that blackjack continues to pay out at the standard 3:2. Another benefit for players is that dealers must also stand on soft 17.

21 Burn Blackjack

Betsoft provides the software for 21 Blackjack. The six-deck version of blackjack allows players to play three hands simultaneously. The player places a bet at the beginning of the game, after which they are handed two face-up cards and one face-down card. The option to burn the second dealt card is the primary rule modification in 21 Burn Blackjack. You throw away the card, like a draw poker player, and get a new deal from the remaining deck. To burn your card, you need to make a second wager equal to 50% of your original wager.

Blackjack Surrender

Due to some of the most alluring terms offered at a blackjack table, blackjack surrender is one of the players’ favorite blackjack games. It is a blackjack version with the “surrender” option, which allows the player to fold a blackjack hand before drawing more cards. When a player opts to surrender, the dealer receives half of the initial wager and returns the other half. In this game, several decks are used. 6 to 8 decks will often be in use. The game’s most distinctive feature is the surrender rule, which can be either early or late. Although both early and late surrenders are permitted in most variants, the latter is more typical. 

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Although there are many more variants of online casino blackjack games aside from the ones we have listed, according to multiple online casino reviews, many players fondly cherish the ones above, and they can easily win if they learn to follow our guides and employ the right strategy.

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