Craps Terminology to be on Top of Your Craps Game

Craps Terminology to be on Top of Your Craps Game

Every game has terminologies unique to it that help enhance gameplay among players, and be it a beginner or pro player, it is advisable to learn and understand the game’s terminology. With that, we’ll look into the game of Craps and common Craps terminology used during gameplay.

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Craps Terminology | Common Terms and Expressions

Craps is the most popular game at both physical and online casinos among several dice games such as Hoo Hey How, hazard, Sic bo, etc., and is very easy to learn as long as the player understands the basic rules of craps as well as its terminologies.

Craps Terminology | A and B

Aces: Term used to refer to a bet that will produce a result of two aces on the next roll.

Ace Deuce: It is similar to aces, only except for an outcome of 3.

Any Craps: A bet on an outcome of 2, 3, or 12 on the next roll.

Any Seven: A bet on the following roll outcome is to be 7.

Arm: A player who rolls or shoots the dice well is called an arm in the Craps terminology.

Base Dealers: These are the two dealers on each side of a Craps table at physical and online casinos.

Betting Wrong: It is when the player wagers against the shooter.

Big Six, Eight, and Red: The first one is a bet that the shooter rolls an outcome of a six before a 7. On the second one, the shooter rolls an outcome of an eight before a 7. And the Big Red is a term used to refer to a bet on the number 7 as the outcome of the next roll.

Boxman: The boxman is the craps terminology that describes casino personnel who monitors the games and both base dealers. Furthermore, the boxman is usually between both dealers.

Craps Terms | C to H

Center Field: It is a Craps terminology that means a rolled outcome of nine.

Come Bet: A player’s bet after a selected point or rolled dice is a come bet.

Come-out: The first roll the shooter makes is known as the come-out.

Craps: The numbers 2, 3, and 12 are known as Craps.

Don’t Come Bet: Remember the come bet? The don’t come bet is the opposite of it.

Don’t Pass Bet: It is a bet that the shooter rolls an outcome of 2, 3, or 12 and does make a point number.

Down: Down is a Craps terminology that indicates a player reducing a bet. Players commonly say, “Take it down,” to tell it to the dealer.

Even Money: A bet with a payout of 1 to 1 is known as even money.

Fever Five: Slang for a roll outcome of 5.

Hardway: A wager on numbers 4, 6, 8, or 10 that wins when the dice rolls as pairs, i.e., 3-3, 4-4, etc., is a hard way.

Hi-Lo: A bet on 2 or 12 rolled once.

Hi-lo-yo: A bet on 2, 11, or 12 rolled once.

High: A high is a bet on an outcome of 12.

Horn: A horn is a separate bet on numbers 2, 3, 11, or 12 rolled once.

Craps Terminology | I to Z

Inside Numbers: It is to place a bet on the numbers 5, 6, 8, or 9.

Lay: To lay is to wager on an outcome of seven before a decided point number.

Low: It is a bet on an outcome of 2 rolled once.

Marker: A marker helps mark a point using a plastic disc.

Mechanic: A mechanic is a shooter who believes he can control the dice.

Natural: A common Craps terminology is the natural, which means rolling an outcome of 7 or 11 on the initial roll.

Nina: A bet or roll on 9.

Off: The come-out roll after a point is not chosen.

On: It is when a point has been established.

Outside numbers: It is a wager on numbers 4, 5, 9, and 10.

Push: It means a tie.

Seven out: An outcome roll of 7, when a point has been chosen, is a seven out.

Snake eyes: It is slang for an outcome roll of 2.

Working: It refers to a wager which is in play and has a probability of being lost or won.

Yo: A wager on two combinations (6-5, 5-6) to give an outcome of 11.


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