Street Craps: Overview, Rules, and Advantages

Street Craps: Overview, Rules, and Advantages

Calling all ladies! Ever considered diving into the world of online casinos? If yes, street craps could be your ideal starting point. This dice game, despite being fast-paced and unpredictable, is simple to understand, making it perfect for our fantastic female audience at Slots Paradise. As you dive deeper, understanding craps payouts becomes crucial to maximize your wins. Intrigued? Read on today’s casino news, and we’ll unravel the thrill of street craps, shedding light on its rules, betting options, and perks.

Street Craps: A Glimpse into the Thrilling Game

Street craps, or “street dice,” is a simplified yet engaging version of one of the oldest and most traditional casino games played with dice. It’s a fan favorite across the US, promising quick-fire rounds and the thrill of rolling the dice. The game’s charm lies in its simplicity, making it an ideal choice for newbies trying their hand at online gambling.

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The Rules of Street Craps

At the heart of street craps lies the “come-out” roll, marking the start or end of a betting round. The shooter, or the player tossing the dice, has three possible outcomes:


Roll a 7 or an 11 and win the round, getting another chance to roll.


Lose the round by rolling a 2, 3, or 12 but earn another roll in the same round.


If you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, you get another chance to roll the same number. Succeed and win the round.

The game is not to be confused with crapless craps, which is a popular variation of street craps but offers a different approach. It eliminates the chance of losing on the come-out roll, increasing the chances of a successful round.

The Betting Dynamics

Now, let’s address the real fun – the betting part. The game offers a wide range of betting options, including Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, Odds Bets, Place Win, and Place Lose. The varying options provide different chances to win, ensuring the game remains exciting and engaging.

The Allure of Street Craps

What makes the game stand out among other online casino games? Here are a few reasons:

  • Swift and Thrilling: Street craps games are short and quick, keeping you on the edge of your seat.
  • Wide Range of Betting Options: The game allows a variety of bets, keeping things fresh and exciting.
  • Low House Edge: Some variants of street craps offer a 0% casino house edge, implying a win-win situation for you.

When playing this game, try to aim for a “royal flush” mindset. In poker, a royal flush is the ultimate hand, and in street craps, this means consistently making strategic bets and embracing the game’s pace.


Slots Paradise isn’t just about craps. The thrill of bonus bingo is also at your disposal. It introduces an extra layer of excitement, offering additional prizes besides the standard bingo winnings. But playing street craps at Slots Paradise could be an exhilarating experience for all of you wonderful ladies. The game’s simplicity and excitement make it an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys online gambling. Remember, while it’s all about having fun, responsible gambling is key.

So, why wait? Embrace your adventurous side, roll the dice, and let the good times roll at Slots Paradise, the ultimate online casino designed specifically for women. Join us now and see for yourself. See you at the craps table, ladies!

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